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The End Times

Cannot find a better place to put this so here it is.

What do you folks think of this?

None of my contacts at GW will say boo about it.
Highly suspicious!

Some of those I know, who are former GW like myself, think, based on what they can access still, that this is an Office tactic to put WFB "on hold" (back burner, out to pasture, whatever your favorite metaphor for shoving something in the back of the closet without throwing it in the ashcan) while they spend those funds on other matters.
That the core games are going to shrink to only two: 40K & Tolkien.
The actions being taken by the Black Library over the last 14 months corroborate the idea of a last huge "Hurrah" for WFB.

Attendant to all that, if WFB is truly to be sent off to moulder, that would definitely make me, the doomsayer of WHQ2, to be perfectly correct about the chances of there being a WHQ2.

What say you all?

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Re: The End Times

Well, I know so little about the inner workings and etc of Games Workshop that I have no clue what to think. Thankfully, I only slightly dabbled in WFB, purchasing the basic starter box set around the time that I began to play WHQ (within the same year as WHQ first came out).

I also enjoyed playing40k with the basic Orks and Space Marines.

Old Warrior

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Re: The End Times

Tolkein is being shelved (due to the underperformance of The Hobbit compared to its more successful predecessor) for Horus Heresy apparently (with a box set to come out in the next few months apparently after May).

Them shaking up Fantasy seemingly comes from two angles:
- system is stagnant, needs a revamp in order to introduce fresh blood into the system
- fantasy concepts are too generic, needs to be more unique in order to be able to defend their designs

Warhammer Quest will not happen because of one word: Dreadfleet.

Bloodbowl (which was being completed alongside Dreadfleet) was scrapped due to the poor performance of Dreadfleet (a game no one asked for) to the point where they were scrapping boxes of Dreadfleet simply to clear shelf space at GWHQ. This means that until the failure of Dreadfleet is either forgotten or there is a change in management that unforunately there is an extreme unlikelihood of seeing WHQ reprinted.

Even then I wouldn't want to see WHQ redone mainly because their current set of writers are absolutely terrible. Too much grimdark, 'stoicism' (a word they use like it's a conjunction) and other themes which suck the life out the system until all characters and races are the same shade of grey and brown.

I'd kill to have someone like Bill King or Josh Reynolds writing the rules or additional fluff in the booklets (some of the few left who has an idea of the ridiculous and a definite sense of humour) to capture the old spirit of the game.

The End Times and Grimdark minutes-to-midnight final battle is really sucking all the...vibrancy out of fantasy.
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