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posticon Re: Simple Poll on the Death-blow - Which Way Do You Play It? (related to slain monster's wounds)

Hi all, I am acting as Necromancer today!

I just wanted to report that my loved one has been playing WHQ on Steam and she tells me there is a fourth option that is incredibly counter-intuitive and strange.

In the PC game, her berserking Barbarian (Marauder) had 3 Attacks. Attack #1 was on an Orc that had previously been wounded, but he was able to Deathblow anyway, so Attack 1 killed 2 Orcs before wounding Orc 3. Attack #2 killed Orc 3 but did grant a Deathblow! She had to use Attack #3 to fight the next Orc in line.

How's that for weird game design? The only rationale I can see is that a Warrior can smash through an opponent that a party member has wounded, but if he takes more than one hit to kill an enemy alone, his momentum is not great.

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