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Halfling Thief/Kender

I took parts of the halfling thief and kender characters and created my own. Years ago I roleplayed Tasslehoff in the AD&D Dragonlance campaign and I thought it would be fun to bring him into WHQ. I put fighter as his warrior type because the players can see eachother's charactersheet and I didn't want the wizard to put up his guard before he lost his scrolls emoticon

Here is a copy of his charactersheet:

Name Tasslehoff Burrfoot
Warrior type Fighter
Race Kender
Battle level 4
Next level 12000 gold

Wounds 17 (level 4)
Insanity pts. 0
Move 5
Weapon Skill 4
Ballistic Skill 3+
Strength 3
Damage dice 1
Attacks 2
Toughness 4
Initiative 7
Willpower 3
Pinning 3+
Luck 1

Enemy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Tohit 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5

The hoopak is probably the most well known of the kender weapons. It is a 3 foot staff made of hard yet supple wood, that is forked at one end and has a metal tip at the other. The metal tip can be sharpened and the hoopak can be thrown like a spear. The hoopak can also be stuck into the ground so that missiles can be fired from the forked end like a sling shot. It may also be twirled over the head like a sling to launch sling bullets or stones or it may be used as a traditional sling staff. Occasionally this type of weapon may be hollowed out to hold useful objects, like silk rope or stones for ammunition. As a tool the hoopak can be used to help a kender gather fruit from the lower branches of trees, like an apple picker. As a musical instrument the hoopak can be swung in a circle and it emits a low bullroar.

As hand-to-hand weapon.
+1 Initiative in 1st round of combat; may attack in ranks. Extremely sharp point causes Ignore Armour and an extra d6 on a 6 to hit roll.

As missile weapon.
BS (4+) to hit,
1d6 + 3 (Strength) wounds. Extremely sharp point causes Ignore Armour and an extra d6 on a 6 to hit roll.

As sling 1d6+1 wounds

Daggers (2) 1d6+1 wounds

Firebomb TC
A firebomb may be thrown at any time and affects an area 2 by 2 squares. Any model in the area takes 1D6 Wounds, with no deductions for Toughness or armour. Roll 1D6, on a score of 4, 5 or 6 the target is set alight and takes an extra 1D6 Wounds, with no modifier for Toughness or armour, each turn.
When the damage roll comes up a natural 1 or 2 the fire goes out, causing no more Wounds.

Flash Powder TC
Flash powder may be set off at any time to confuse the Warriors' enemies.
After it has exploded, any Warriors who have not yet fought this turn get +1 Attack.


Leather Vest (+1 Toughness)
3x Fine Linen Bandages (heal 3 wounds)
Cream Pie
Tasslehoff always brings his favorite food to an adventure. To Halflings a Cream Pie can mean life or death. When eaten it restores 1d6+1 wounds. If a natural 1 or 2 is rolled it has been eaten to the last slice and may not be used again. If a 3+ was rolled the Pie hasn’t been eaten all and so can be used again.


No Fear. Treat Terror as Fear.

Nothing can stand in a determined kender's way. He nimbly dodges, rolls, leaps, and squirms by Warrior and Monster alike in order to arrive at his destination.
As long as the kender is not pinned in the beginning of the turn (or breaks pin) he may move through occupied spaces as long as he ends his movement in an empty space.

Given the desperately interesting nature of the situation overthere, you judge discretion to be the better part of valor, and dash past your foes.
Once per turn, you may roll 1D6, and on a roll of 5 or 6 your Warrior has double Move for this turn.

Read Scrolls
Determined to understand, the kender glared at the dry piece of parchment. Finally, a look of enlightenment crossed the kender's face and he spoke in a strange and ancient language. A blast of fire launched from the kender, and he reeled back in a fit of giggles.
If the kender has a wizard scroll treasure card, he may attempt to read it. On a 3+ he successfully reads the scroll and casts the spell. If the roll is less than that he spends his turn attempting to understand the strange symbols.

Especially the fact that this Tasslehoff started his career as a Wizard apprentice, before falling victim to his wanderlust, makes him nice to play. The combination of a fascination for scrolls and his thieving ability of pickpocketing makes it almost impossible for anyone near Tasslehoff to hold on to a scroll. (Of course he will say that he was just fascinated by that scroll and doesn't know how it got into his pouch emoticon )
I use Jason Yeung's Tome of Forbidden Magic from his Magus character as source for the scrolls. Whenever Tasslehoff successfully casts a spell, the Wizard character in the group gets drained for half the amount of power(in tokens) that the normal spellversion of that spell would cost.
So when Tasslehoff used his Destroy Undead scroll(20 power) he drained the wizard for 10 power tokens! But destroyed 4 mummies in one swoop.
Of course the guy who plays Tasslehoff is not allowed to show his scrolls to anyone else and he has a version that doesn't tell the amount of power involved.
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