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Versus Quest Tester-Rama Pt 1

The sounds of battle rocked the skies as Durgin drowned his tankard once more.
"We should be out there." Orionan muttered.
"I'm telling you, it's none of our business." Durgin wiped foam from his massive beard. "Now where's that barkeep? Barkeep!"
He wandered off into the back as a scream of a Hellcannon's daemonic power devestated the nearby city. Orionan slammed his empty tankard into the table. "The fate of the world is being decided out there! How is it not our business?"
A red-faced Durgin suddenly reappeared from the back of the tavern. "Barkeep, dead. Hole, ground. Beer... GONE!"
Kronos, the party's hulking barbarian, dropped his tankard to the ground almost in slow motion. Alara, the grey mage leaned over towards her elf friend. "Looks like it just became our business."


Versus Quest Test 1
Scenario: Party vs Party

Overview (because I HAVE to have a story): Throughout the battle of Middenheim, the mutant Neerat Skrit had her agents running the undercity with reports of the battle. The plan is to start the timer on the Doom Sphere as soon as one of the city's six flanks breaks. To her misfortune, however, the team about to report that one flank has been reduced to Archaon himself has just ran into an infamous speed bump: beer-starved adventurers...

Okay, that was just cheesy.


Good: Four BL 2 "Good" warriors with 250 gold of equipment/treasure each (no objective room treasure) + starting treasure.

Evil: Four BL 2 Skaven warriors with 250 gold of equipment /treasure each (no objective room treasure) + starting treasure.

The Skaven party must consist of at least 1 Gutter Runner and no more than 1 member of a non-Eshin clan (ie: Rat Ogres, Globadiers, Packmasters, etc). I advise the Skaven Warrior.

Special Rules:
Skaven Warrior: Take Greywolf's Warrior class, remove the chainmail and 2 Starting Wounds and give it the Skaven special rule from the Gutter Runner document.

Clear-Clear the Way!: Re-draw any Skaven encounters met by the Skaven party and keep drawing until you get a new monster.

The Dungeon Deck: Take your deck of standard cards and slice it in two (not with your sword! Oh, wow that was a stupid pun). Cut THOSE decks in half and shuffle an objective room card into the bottom half, just like normal D-Deck preparation. Then put the top halves back on. I hope that made sense :S. It doesn't matter which Objective Room card you use - they both represent the Fountain Chamber.

The Fountain Chamber: When the first party enters the chamber, fill it with monsters as normal (re-roll Skaven even for the warrior party, you'll see why soon). Once the other team draws THEIR Objective room card, link them up to the current chamber from the rear.

The fountain represents the facade covering the hidden spiral stairway leading to the undercity. If one team can clear the chamber before the other arrives, they can take a strength test to push the fountain (at difficulty 11, +1 for each additional warrior and +1 for each turn spent pushing). If the other party arrives, it's a fight to the death... Winner doesn't take all though - they still have to push the fountain and potentially be killed by wandering monsters, resulting in a draw.

Optional Rules: For fairness, place the objective room card at the bottom of each deck.

- Deny Skaven the use of clearly holy or "good" race-related items... but give them a free rope or something (letting them use Evil items that aren't in a BL2 dungeon is just silly!)


Any feedback would be appreciated!!!
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Re: Versus Quest Tester-Rama Pt 1

Whoops, i forgot to reply...
I like your groovy story. Now I need to find myself some players... (get the net and prodders, boys!)
I have a mental image of the evil team pushing the fountain one way, and the good team pushing it t'other.
So what happens when they get into the undercity?
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Re: Versus Quest Tester-Rama Pt 1

Hmmm, good question. The second major tenant of Vs Quest was the DCQ-like elements... but I might have another hero-vs-hero quest where the Skaven party is running away from the heroes with only a partial lead... Yes...
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