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Re: Making Monster Tables

One of the things I'm doing is adding variety to existing monsters by using the new WHB rules, which I convert the same way they converted over from 4th edition WHB back in 1994 or whatever. I still have the players run into monsters that have the same rules that they're used to, but now they may also run into tougher groups from the same tribe, especially at higher battle-levels. For example, the Angry Night Goblins that they run into will have the same stat line, but will fearElves and Hate Dwarfs.

How does this relate? Because my interpretation of the Killing Blow rule is potentially deadly, even to walking tanks. For example, old WHQ monsters didn't have Killing Blow, they just caused xd6 Damage Dice, with an additional Damage die if they roll 5+ to hit. My Killing Blow rule has monsters causing Additional Damage. So if a monster with Killing Blow 6+ rolls a 6 on his Damage Die, then I roll that die again and add it to the total. If that's a 6 as well, it keeps going. So a Monster with one Damage Die could do a Strength 17 hit on an armored tank with some good (or bad) luck. (If a Monster has 2 or more Damage Dice, only one of them can cause the Additional Damage, so I roll a red die.)

So at Battle-level 3 or 4, Warriors can encounter old-style wights, and at BL 4, 5, or 6 they might start encountering the nastier ones armed with Wight Blades, causing Killing Blow.

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