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Warplightning Cannon in Quest

The Dwarf got hit in round 1 and 2 for 5d6. I made him more likely to get hit because of the Armour of Taakan that attracted the lightning. Starting wounds 26 and the first hit was for 23 - T5 = 18 wounds. He (played by a she) took a drink of Garlic's Heal Itt Again Potion to get back to full wounds. The second hit was for 22 - T5 = 17 wounds (so I rolled pretty high both times. Behind a screen so the players didn't know how many dice. They only could hear that I rolled a lot at a time emoticon )

The Bretonnian Knight got knocked out, going down from full wounds (20). That gave him an Insanity point. After two nights of play (s)he has 3 insanity points :bad: .
As said, the wizard came to the rescue. He also has the Resurrection Spell, but he would have had to use it if the Bretonnian was left lying there for another round (that would have been 2 insanity points).

The Imperial Noble did't get hit at all and the Wizard spent his last Luck counter when he got hit for 6d6.

All in all a memorable night of play. The players, though in a panic at the time, afterwards said they loved it.
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