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posticon Question about Movement/Combat

I hope this question isn't too stuipd...

If say, the barbarian, rolls for beserk and achieves it, thus (at battle level one) gaining an extra attack, can he attack the goblin in front of him and then if he succeeds in the kill and isn't currently pinned, can he use his movement (assuming he hasn't moved already) and scoot ahead 3 squares and attack a second goblin?
or, while I have your attention:
a similar situation except this time, the barbarian has to move 2 squares to attack a goblin, succeeds, and having previously passed his beserk test, moves another 2 squares to attack a second goblin.

If someone could clarify this, then that would be great!!

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Re: Question about Movement/Combat

Generally, the rule is that warriors cannot move after they have attacked. If they do not or cannot move, then they lose these movement points.
The exception to this is the Wardancer warrior, who may Move, Attack, then Move and Attack again, if he has sufficient points.
There are also some situations where a warrior can occupy the square of a foe he has just killed, for example the Pit Fighter with his Fist Spike weapon, and one of the Dwarf Skills (Blood Fever?)

So, the barbarian in both of these cases wouldn't be able to attack the second gobbo. That's the way I read it, anyway.
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