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I'd like to recommend Dungeoneer by Atlas Games as a source for new Event, Monster and Treasure cards. For instance, there's a "Gust of Wind" card that might extinguish the party's lantern (I use a house rule where the lantern going out is really bad news but not instantly lethal, it can be relit).

Dungeoneer is a non-collectible card game where the players build a dungeon and fight monsters as they complete quests. I ripped the rules out by the spine and am using the flavorful husk of the game for Warhammer Quest components.

There are plenty of monsters and treasure that can be statted up, which I am getting around to doing.

One addition I am introducing is the Adventurer's Guild, using the quest cards from Dungeoneer. Heroes can take on these quest cards as side quests to bring in some extra money - some of these range from escorting a wizard to the objective room to helping a sorcerer make a pact with Chaos to destroying a relic.

Dungeoneer currently has four card sets, each of which is a complete game all by itself. Two of the card sets come with two decks each (for four players) while the other two just have one deck, for two-player action. Pick one up and take a look, new ideas present themselves easily.

Oh...I put my cards in protector sleeves, by the way. Gold for treasure, green for event, blue for dungeon, black for spells. Guild Quest cards are in a shiny red. The Dungeoneer cards definitely won't match your original WQ cards, so this seemed like a good solution.


(Admin EDIT: added link below)

Dungeoneer site

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Re: Dungeoneer

Thanks for the recommendation, I may check it out!

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