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Hounds of Nagash (Undead Hazard Table/Catacombs of Terror)

Am I reading this wrong or what?

If the Warriors confront the hunters roll 2D6 and add the party's Battle-level.
This is the number of hunters. Next, each Warrior should roll a dice and add
their Weapon Skill, this is the number of hunters they manage to slay.

The Dark Necropolis story is an adventure for a party of Warriors at Battle-level 7 or thereabouts.
I am planning on having 4 warriors at BL 6 get to Khemri. They would confront a maximum of 2d6+6=18 hunters.
4 warriors have a minimum combined diceroll of 4. Which leaves a maximum of 14 hunters. 4 warriors with a combined WS of 14 is an avarage of 3.5. 4 BL 6 warriors with an avarage WS of 3.5. I don't think so.

Which means there is no chance of them ever having to fight any hunters.

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Re: Hounds of Nagash (Undead Hazard Table/Catacombs of Terror)

Hmm, I hadn't really thought about that before, but it looks like that is the case! Obviously GW didn't playtest it all that well!

Ah, the good old Golden Lion Blessing. I remember we played the Catacombs of Terror adventures and due to hardly any entries in the table, we ended up with something like 7 Golden Lion Blessings each by the end of the adventure!

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