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D100 Physical abilities (for Chaos Marauder?)

Hey i`ve finally worked out what the D100 Physical ablities will be, This is not finished in any way just a start if u guys have any ideas just tell me.

Physical Mutations

1. Iron Hard Skin - +2 Toughness, -1 To Hit, -1 Movement

2. Stone Skin - +1 Toughness, -1 To Hit

3. Scaly Skin - Every time the Chaos Marauder goes up a level Roll a Dice
1 - The Scales Reduce Your Movement By One, this can only be gained once if rolled again treat as 2-5
2-5 - The Scales have no effect
6 - The Scales add +1 Toughness

4. Atrophy - Roll A D6,
1 - Age 30 Years -1 Weapon Skill, -1 Strength, -1 Initiative
2 - Age 10 Years -1 Strength
3-6 - The Ageing Has No Effect

5. Fangs - Nominate One Attack If It Hits He gains an extra Bite Attack which auto hits, Doing One D6 Damage with no modifiers

6. Powerful Legs - May Ignore any Armour based movement penalties (includes Iron Skin)

7. Razor Claws -Gain an Extra Attack that ignores armour

8. Strong - +1 Strength

9. Fast - +1 Initiative, +1 Movement

10. Albino - Skin Sensitive to light, Easily Blinded

11. Insubstantial - All monsters are at -1 to hit, If rolled again the Chaos Marauder gets taken to the Daemon Realm

12. Featureless Face - The Chaos Marauders face vanishes.

13. Hunchback - -1 Movement, This can be gained more than once, but movement cannot be reduced to less than 1

14. Vampirism Tendencies - Gain an extra Bite Attack, Roll to hit as usual, Causes 1D6 wounds, with no modifiers at all, which the Chaos Marauder gains back. (Only Up to His Starting Wounds)At the end of every event that reveals monsters the Chaos Marauder must try to hold his red thirst in check, Roll a D6
1 - The Chaos Marauder spends the turn drinking the Blood of a victim and may do nothing else
2-6 He keeps his thirst in check

Note: Between Adventures the Chaos Marauder may drain the blood of innocent villagers while in a settlement, which he may drain into potion bottles if he wishes, When in the dungeon he may drink the bottles if the thirst overcomes him doing this will give him 1D6 Wounds

If the Chaos Marauder takes to slaughtering Innocent victims he must roll 2D6, on a Double 1, He is captured and killed by the villagers

15. Eyes Of Fire - Allows The Chaos Marauder to explore as if he had the lantern, and may move about on his own if he wishes

16. Tentacles - Before any attacks you gain a Tentacle Attack which, if successfully hit, may hold one victim in place giving all other attacks +1 To Hit

17. Mace Tail - The Chaos Marauder gains an extra Mace Tail Attack at +1 Strength

18. Tail - The Chaos Marauder gains an extra trip attack, roll a D6, if the result is higher than the target monsters initiative the monster is tripped, a 6 is always a trip no matter the monsters Initiative
Note: This Attack Can Death Blow, This Attack does not cause damage and once you have failed to trip a monster the attack is over

19. Burning Body - Once Per Adventure the Chaos Marauder may use a burning body attack, All Models Adjacent to the Chaos Marauder must Roll a D6
1- No Effect
2-5 1D6 Wounds with No Modifiers
6 - 2D6 Wounds with No Modifiers

Note: This Damage is classed as Fire Damage

20. Cloven Hooves - Roll A D6
1-3 - Your Hands Turn to Hooves, you may no longer use any hand based weapons, your Weapon Skill is now One
4-6 - Your Feet Turn to Hooves, from now on a 1 or a 2 in the power phase triggers an unexpected event
Note: This ability can be gained twice if so then the other to what you rolled the first time become hooves and you suffer both effects
21. Iron Spikes - All Monsters are at -1 To Hit the Chaos Marauder

22. Long Spines - Once Per Adventure the Chaos Marauder may extend long spines out of his body causing 1D6 Wounds to every adjacent model with no modifiers (except for magical armour)

23. Flaming Skull Face - The Chaos Marauder Now Causes Fear, Fear 2 plus the Chaos Marauders Battle Level

Note: The Monsters Fear Test is 2 plus their Battle Level

24. Extra Arm - The Chaos Marauder Grows an extra arm, giving him the ability to hold an extra weapon or a shield as well as holding his regular weapons
For Example: The Chaos Marauder can hold a double handed weapon and a shield at the same time

Note: This ability can be gained twice giving the Chaos Marauder a maximum of two extra arms

25. Extra Leg - +1 Movement
Note: This Ability can only be gained once

26. Horns - The Chaos Marauder Gains an extra charge attack, if he can move at least one square into combat, this attack gains +1 Strength per square moved and is at -1 To Hit

27. Scorpion Tail - The Chaos Marauder gains an extra sting attack, only modified toughness not armour (including magical armour)

28. Elastic Limbs - Allows the Chaos Marauder to attack with a regular weapon as if it was a rank weapon, even passed warriors (Not passed monsters)

29. One Eye - -1 To Hit and -1 Ballistic Skill

30. Two Heads -

31. Claw - Replaces One of the Chaos Marauders hands, nominate one for your attacks if that attack hits it causes +2 wounds automatically (Like The Sword of Sharpness)

32. Very Long Legs - +1 To Break Pinning

33. Poisonous Bite - Once per turn the Chaos Marauder gains a poison bite attack at -1 to hit and causes 2 wounds and ignores all monster abilities

34. Spits Acid - Once per turn the Chaos Marauder may use one of his attacks to spit acid, up to a maximum of 2 squares, against his Ballistic Skill causing normal damage, after this attack any armour (except magical armour) has been destroyed

35. Beak - The Chaos Marauder gains an extra bite attack -1 to hit may ignore non magical armour.

36. Fork Tongue - On an Unexpected Event (1 in the Power Phase) Roll A D6
1- The Chaos Marauder can do nothing
2-4 - Nothing Happens
5-6 The Chaos Marauder MAY move and attack immediately instead of in the warriors phase

37. Extra Eye - +1 To Hit and +1 Ballistic Skill

38. Breath Attack - The Chaos Marauder gains an extra breath attack roll a D6 to find out which on you have been blessed with. If you already have a breath attack then your new onw will replace the one you had previously even if you could use it multiple times. If your roll the breath attack you already have then you gain an extra attack so it is possible to use a breath attack more than once per adventure (see also a roll of a 6).
1- Oily smoke: Once per adventure the warrior may use this breath attack to form black smoke which fills the room and prevents any combat this turn, niether warriors or monsters may fight.
2- Fire: Once per adventure your warrior may use this breath attack to target a monster in line of sight. Choose a monster within 6 spaces of the warrior and roll a D6. If the roll is greater or equal to the range of the target it suffers 1D6+1 wounds, no modifiers for toughness or armour unless they have fire proction properties.
3- Corrosive green gas: Once per adventure the warrior may use this breath attack to affect a 2 by 2 section of the the room any monsters or warriors caught in the cloud of gas has all here armour destroyed and takes 1D3 wounds.
4- Electric charge:Once per adventure the warrior may use this breath attack to target a monster that lies with in line of sight the target suffers 2d6 wounds, not modified for toughness or armour.
5- Freeze: Once per adventure the warrior may use this breath attack to target monsters freezing them in place. Roll a d6 this is how many monsters on the board section have been frozen, the warrior may choose which monsters are frozen. Frozen monsters may break the freeze in the monster phase by passing a strength test. While frozen all the monster may do is try to break freezing,the monster maybe attacked as normal but will be hit automatically.
6- Extra Attack: If you roll a 6 when rolling for your breath attack you may now use the breath attack you get an extra time per adventure. For example if you roll a 6 you are now aloud to use it twice in the adventure instead of once, these 6s are cumlitive so it is possible to have a breath attack for lots of times per an adventure. Now re roll the dice to find out what breath attack you get or if u get another attack. If you now roll a breath attack you already have the number of times you can use it is increased depending on how many 6s you rolled previously also.
For example: (If your warrior had a fire breath attack once per adventure and he got breath attack again he rolled 6 - 6 - 2 he would now have the ability to use his fire attack 4 times per adventure, once due to the ability he already had two more times for the two sixs he rolled on the table and then another for the 2 (fire breath attack) he rolled at the end. Remember that if the warrior had rolled any other breath attack than fire he would have not only loss the ability to use his fire attack but would now have his new ability which would be able to use 3 per adventure.

39. Grow - +1 Strength and +1 Toughness, Roll A D6
1- All Items Worn (Rings, Bracelets, Armour, Cloths and Boots) break and are now useless, the first thing he must do is buy new cloths and boots before moving onto the next adventure. 2-5 - The Items are not affected but he can no longer use them due to his size 6 - All Items grow with The Chaos Marauder and he may still use them as usual

40. Shrink - -1 Strength and -1 Toughness, Roll a D6
1-5 - All Items worn (Rings, Bracelets, Armour Cloths and Boots) are now too small for your Chaos Marauder
6 - The Items Shrink with The Chaos Marauder and he may still use them as usual

(Admin EDIT: added to subject line, because it seems this table was being created for the Chaos Marauder Warrior.)

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Behold Ulric the Red!
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Registered: 11-2005
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Re: D100 Physical abilities

41. Slow - -1 Initiative and -1 Movement

42. Weak - -1 Strength (To A Minimum of 1)

43. Regeneration - Gain 1D6 + The Chaos Marauders Battle Level Wounds back at the end of every turn (after the Exploration Phase), unless the Chaos Marauder has Zero Wounds then he Regenerates no Wounds

44. Hideous Visage - -2 To Be Hit

45. Loose Abilities - All Physical Mutations, and abilities that go with them, are Lost

46. Chaos Spawn - Roll 1D6, That is the amount of times you must roll on this table

47. Selected By Chaos - Your Chaos Marauder has been chosen to Join the ranks of the Chaos Army, a portal opens and sucks your warrior into the realms of the Daemon. Your quest is over.

48. Lose Arm - The Chaos Marauders arm rots and falls to the ground, the Chaos Marauder can no longer use 2 handed weapons, or a shield and a singled handed weapon
Note: This rule is only in play if you are reduced to 1 arm, which is the maximum you can be reduced to.

49. Lose Leg - The Chaos Marauder Looses A Leg, he is now at minus 2 movement
Note: This rule is only in play if the Chaos Marauder is reduced to one leg, which is the maximum you can be reduced to.

50. Wings - The Chaos Marauder grows Wings from his back, Roll a D6
1-3 - Small wings - Once per turn, the warrior may hover of the floor. when hovering the warrior can only be attacked by missile attacks or spells. He maynot move,however, and may not fight in hand to hand combat. He may fire missile weapons as normal. His square remains unpassible, just as if he was standin in it as normal. He may hover out of pits.
4-6 -Large wings - To large to be of any use in he dungeon due to their size. But outside of the dungeon it will halve your travel time over land so...
Village - 1 week - 1 hazard roll
Town - 2 weeks - 2 hazard rolls
City - 3 weeks - 3 hazard rolls

51. Beweaponed Extremities - The Chaos Marauders hands turn in to large blade or mace like appendages. This means that the Chaos Marauder gains 1 attack but maynot use any other weapons or a shield. Due to the fact that the Chaos Marauder has no hands he may not use or engage in any action that requires hands.

52. Bestial Face - The Chaos Marauder developes a beatial like face this has no affect on the warriors performance but will make it harder for him in towns.

53. Big Ears - The warrior developes large ears which give him the ability to hear, meaning that once per adventure the Chaos Marauder can use his skill to have monsters place in a room before the warriors enter. This may be used once per adventure.

54. Blood Substitution - The nature of the Chaos Marauders blood changes roll a d6 to find out in what way:
1-2 Maggots
If the Chaos Marauder is wounded a stream of squirming maggots shots out of the wound and attaches its self to the attacker causing 1 wound with no modifiers for anything. At the start of the next turn roll a D6.
     1-4 The maggot dies
     5-6 The maggot continues to feed taking another wound, not modified for anything
3 Acid
If the Chaos Marauder takes a wound, acid sprays out and causes 1D3 wounds on the attacker.

4 Protoplasm
The Chaos Marauders wounds ooze a translucent slime, if the warrior dead at the end of the turn roll a D6
     1-2 The Chaos Marauder dies
     3-4 The slime on the Chaos Marauder becomes a single mass of protoplasm to fight in its own right this means the Chaos Marauder can fight on until all combat has ended then the protoplasm diserpates and the Chaos Marauders quest is over.
     5-6 The slime on the Chaos Marauder becomes a single mass of protoplasm which will remain where it is until the end of combat. At the end of combat the slime falls away to reviel the Chaos Marauder fully regenerated back to full wounds, all treasure, equiptment and physical abilities are gone. If the other warriors in the party die the Chaos Marauder is classed as dead as he will be over powered by the monsters.
Basicaly the quest will be over.

55. Patterned Skin - Your skin becomes brightly coloured, spots, stripes (you may choose a scheme if you wish). I has little effect on the warriors abilities.

56. Bulging Eyes - The Chaos Marauders eyes become bulging and froglike. This means he may not wear a helmet that would cover his face, this includes his chaos helm.

57. Cloud of Flies - The Chaos Marauder is surrounded by a cloud of flies, this means that all monsters trying to hit the Chaos Marauder are at -1 to hit, due to the flies buzzing into their mouths and eyes.

58. Crossbreed -

59. Crest - The Chaos Marauders head adorns a crest. This could be a birdlike wattled or feathers crest, or reptilian membrane. This has no effect on the Chaos Marauders abilites.

60. Crown of Flesh - The Chaos Marauder developes a ring of fleshy protruberances around his head. This could take the form of eyes, fingers, ears, noses or any other fleshy protrusion. This means the Chaos Marauder may not wear a helmet or crown.

61. Crystalline Body - Roll a D8 and loose that many wounds, for every 2 wounds lost gain +1 toughness.
Note: This Physical Mutation cannot be replaced by any other skin type Physical Mutation like Rotting Flesh or Rock Hard Skin

62. Rotting Flesh - The Chaos Marauders flesh becomes putrid and rotten, the warrior gets -1 toughness, also at the start of every dungeon roll a d6 on a roll of a 1 another state is redueced by one roll on the table below
1 -1 Toughness
2 -1 Strength
3 -1 Weapon Skill
4 -1 Movement
5 1d6 Wounds permantly
6 You've escaped this time non of your stats are effected.
If any of your stats hit 0 then the Chaos Marauder is dies.

63. Enormously Fat - The Chaos Marauder becomes enormously fat. -1 Movement and -1 initiative + 1d6 wounds permantly.

64. Extra Joints - The Chaos Marauder develops extra joints in one or more of its limbs roll a d6 on the table below:
1-3 Legs +1 Movement
4-5 Arms +1 Weapon Skill
6 Legs and Arms +1 Movement and +1 Weapon skill

65. Extremely Thin - The Chaos Maurader Becomes match stick thin. -1 Toughness and - 1d6 wounds permanatly.

66. Eye Stalks -

67. Feathered Hide

68. Furry

69. Headless

70. Horrible Stench

71. Huge Head

72. Illusion of Normality

73. Invisibility - Once Per Adventure, you may become invisible, the Normal rules for invisibility apply

74. Limb Transference

75. Mane of Hair

76. Massive Intellect - Gains a +1 bonus when identifying objects, +2 on Intellectually based Initiative tests

77. Moronic Gains a -1 Modifier when identifying objects, -2 on Intellectually based Initiative tests

78. Multiplication

79. Small Head

80. Plague Bearer

81. Pseudo Daemon Hood

82. Puny - Your toughness is halved as is your Strength (all Fractions are rounded up)

83. Rearranged Face -

84. Resilient - At the start of each turn a D6,
1 - Nothing Happens
2-5 - Gain +1 Toughness for the turn
6 - Gain +2 Toughness for the turn

85. Short Legs - Movement is now halved (round fractions up)

86. Suckers -

87. Teleport - Once Per Adventure you may teleport unto 1D6 squares

88. Transparent Skin -

89. Uncanny Resemblance -

90. Warty Skin -

91. Zoological Mutation -

92. Mute -

93. Blurred Vision -

94. Gills -

95. Magic resistance -

96. Irrational Fear -

97. Irrational Hatred -

98. Cowerdice -

99. Maniac -

100.Magical bless -

Behold Ulric the Red!
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Re: D100 Physical abilities

Extra joints... shudder! Creepy.

But excellent!
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Re: D100 Physical abilities

Wow that's begin to be great
Continue the good work please

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