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Magic Weapons vs. Runes

I want my Imperial Noble to have a magical rapier at some point so I can feel more effective while being killed by Greater Daemons and the like. This raises the nitpicky question:

Is any weapon with a rune considered magical?

Evidence in favor of "yes" as I see it:
- A plain old Magic Sword, as opposed to any other weapons on the Magic Weapon & Armor table, is worth a measly 25 gold, so being just "magic" is usually more a side effect than a power.

- Under the description of the Spelleater Rune, the wording specifically says that the rune can be applied to "any bladed weapon" (i.e. magical or non-magical) and then refers to the weapon that the rune is applied to as a "magical" weapon.

- When the Imperial Noble gets a rune grafted on a weapon for being heroic (under his special Settlement Events table), the weapon is said to have "extra magical powers".

Evidence against:

- The Dwarf Runesmith has one rune that just makes the weapon it's applied to magical. I see this as a just the worst result on the table; however, it could be implied to mean that you need a special rune to make a weapon magical, and that runes that give weapons magical powers don't necessarily make the *weapon* magical.
Any thoughts?

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Re: Magic Weapons vs. Runes

I think any runed weapon is magical. The "worst result on the table" at least lets you hit Daemons and Ethereals without penalty..

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