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Weapons and Armour

Are any of you having problems with the magic treasures.

For example. Is the sheild of Deliverance (avoid one hit) count as magic armour or a magic item?

Do you have to wear the item to use it.
Can I recall its ability from my back pack. Do I have to carry it around on my arm for me to use it (therefore giving up the space for me to carry a normal shield that gives me +1 Toughness?)
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Re: Weapons and Armour

One-use magic shields are funny that way. Again, they are NOT realistic. You of course have to be wearing the shield for it to give a magic effect, but this is a waste of time to do all dungeon long especially when other shields are more effective. So I play that you can 'whip out' a one-use shield for a Turn as long as you don't gain the benefits of your normal shield.

Notice that they don't give normal stats for these one-use shields. If you are interested in playing a more realistic atmosphere, I would advise that you change the shields into baubles or bracers that grant these abilities so that your mind doesn't bend. If you do this, I would advise that you still follow the guidelines on who would be allowed to use the item.

So in this case, the party could find a Ring of Deliverance (cue banjo music) which the Wizard would have no interest in, while a Dwarf would be.

"Mine is a high art. I wound with cruelty those who would harm me." - Archillicus
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