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Re: Revised Warhammer Quest

Then don't fix it. The basic game ain't broken. Problems only develop when you are playing the advanced game or looking for 'realism'. I've played many a Heroquest rip-off and WHQ is by far the best, so I wouldn't make the basic game any different.

As an actual roleplaying game, WHQ is inferior to many systems. (I still like it better, just stating a fact.) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a better roleplaying atmosphere, but I don't like the mechanics at ALL. So if I were to do a rewrite I would marry the simple WHQ dungeon romps to the rich and paranoid atmosphere of WFRP.


I always imagined the Wizards using Battle Magic and never really reaching the level of Color Magic.

Simple Battle Magic-users can't possibly do all the things a BL6 Wizard can do. (Resurrect, Healing 40 Wounds at once, mega damage, etc.)

"Mine is a high art. I wound with cruelty those who would harm me." - Archillicus
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