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Re: Newbie Questions

Yeah, you're right. They'd cause a heck of a lot more damage throwing every force they had into one single border, instead of attacking every border at once (which they did). I would recommend attacking that Vortext thingy in Ulthaun. No more High Elves AND Daemons can walk free! Everyone wins! (except not)
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posticon Its off topic....but....who cares!

There was a little change, for what I read, in Chaos Storm. I must say before anything, I didn't made all the following up, however:
A lot of provinces were left to ruins, and for those who like to play "Roled" Mordheim, the Posessed Cult is as strong as ever. Actually, the empire is reaaally in trouble, half beaten and totaly "in panic".

For what this topic is for:
I have been reading the Witch Hunter, Empire Noble and Pit Figther Books and I remember founding some mistakes in the PDFs, some were litlle and didn't mater, but I remember one (in a part of a book I don't remember) that was like "The warriors gains TJK Strength". Take a look at the PDFs and see it for yourselves, I can't rigth now.

Thanx you all for your constant help, excuse my bad english.
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Re: Newbie Questions

You're right, the Possessed Cult is actually STRONGER than ever, for their leader is risen! True, Mordheim was levelled centuries ago (see how far back WHQ is?), so I sent my party in there for fun, once.

Why not start a quest into the depths of a Possessed dungeon, or into a Daemonic fortress? Here's The Dark Master Be'lakor's WHQ transferral for anyone who might be interested.

Be'Lakor, The Dark Master
M 6
WS 9
BS -
S 5
T 5
W 58
I 9
A 5
Ar 3
Gold 6500

Special Rules: Mark of Chaos Undivided, Night Wards, Greater Daemon 12, Shadow-shroud, Insurmountable Rage, Large Monster, Fly, Dark Master Magic 4

Mark of Chaos Undivided
May re-roll any tests he has to take to resist psychological effects (such as Cause Animosity). Which is strange, because he's a daemon and is more-or-less immune to them anyways... I just write what I'm given.

Night Wards
For as long as Be'lakor is on the board, Unexpected Events and a Wizard not adding his BL to his Power Roll occur on the roll of a 1 or 2.

-1 to hit with shooting, in addition to the normal -1 for being a spellcaster.

Insurmountable Rage
Be'lakor must roll a D6 at the start of each of his moves. If he rolls a 1, he MUST move into contact with as many warriors as possible instead of normal Flight-based placement.

Dark Master Magic
Avaliable at the Sylvan Glade's Albion documents, such as they are.
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