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Dungeon Room Treasure for U.E.'s?

The subject sums it up - Does the party gain a piece of dungeon room treasure for defeating monsters generated by an Unexpected Event?

I thought the answer was absolutely not, but I've read several posts here that indicate that treasure is pulled every time mosters are defeated?

What's the official ruling on this?

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Re: Dungeon Room Treasure for U.E.'s?

Here is a quote from the Rule Book under COMBAT, subtitle is Treasure:


The Warriors earn a Treasure card when they have resolved an event triggered by an Event card. Some of the Event cards represent traps, pitfalls and other random occurrences for which no treasure is awarded. If you don't get a Treasure card for completing an event, the Event card will tell you so.

M = Monster event cards never specify that the warriors do not get a treasure, so they always do according to the rules -- whether the M (monster) event is generated as a normal room event or as an Unexpected Event.

Of course, anything could happen in a game run by a GM -- by GM design.

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