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Registered: 12-2005
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Monster Spell Casting Question

Just found this forum.
It's nice to know there are still some WHQ fans still out there. :)

Ok, to the question...
I'm trying to find out how everyone handles the spell generation for monster spell casters, because (to my friends and I at least) it seems a little vague the way the special rule reads.

For example:
You generate a group of monsters with a Skaven Warlock Champion that has 'Skaven Magic 2'.

Do you...

1. Generate his two Skaven Magic spells ONCE and use those same two spells every round when the Warlock can cast. These will be the only spells he knows for the duration of the encounter. or..

2. Generate two new spells EVERY ROUND for the warlock from the Skaven Magic list and these are the 2 he will cast THAT round. Each new round will then have 2 new spells rolled up.

If anyone can give me some feedback on how they handle this I would greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Monster Spell Casting Question

I always under stood it as 2. But 1 is a good idea if u wanted to theme it, like a special monster character. I did a necomancer with the leviate spell because it was topical with the storey at the time.

Behold Ulric the Red!
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