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Registered: 12-2005
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Outlaw Skill #4: Gambler

Here's another tough one.

on my level2 skill roll, i scored #4: Gambler.



Whether it's dice or cards you are the definitive gambling man, capable of loosing any foppish noble's grip on his precious purse.

Whenever the Outlaw gambles, for whatever reason, he may add +1 to any dice rolls he makes.

Now, i understand that a roll of 1 is always a failure. But in the case of Gambling. Does that mean:

1: It is impossible for the outlaw to lose money while gambling? (roll 1 +1 = 2).

2: Or simply that on a roll of 4+ (normally 5&6 only) will the gambler win 1D6x his stake?

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Re: Outlaw Skill #4: Gambler

No 2 must be correct. A roll of 1 is an automatic failure.
Rubbush skill though. If you aren't likely to go a-gambling I'd reroll it.

Musing- we should really start an 'Outlaw Questions' thread. But the FAQ will do nicely.

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