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WHQ 2nd Ed - Changes

WHQ 2nd Edition Changes List

Last Edit: Several, especially considering EXP.

WHQ Rule Book (Basic Rules)

A note about the use of the word "he" describing warriors - an apology to female gamers everywhere.

Starting the Game

Character generation will be accomplished via The Custodian's character creation process, though some default "lookalikes" will likely be included in the basic rules.

The Lantern, assuming we keep it at all, is free (not paid for in the Equipment phase of Custodian's process) and more or less a "nonentity". Until Goboff steals it, that is emoticon

The Sequence of Play

Encumbrance: A warrior will have encumbrance rules, but this will be discussed in detail later, once the Treasure rules have been worked out.

Anything picked up outside of encumbrance was also under debate, though it seems it will be turned into gold-type scrap automatically.

Power Phase

The Power and Unexpected Event rolls are divided, so that a Wizard might have power during an unexpected event. Whether or not UE's occur during combat was not fully discussed.

In the basic game, more monsters come in during a UE. In the Advanced, a combat events table may be used, we have yet to decide on a table.

Monster Placement

Prone Warriors are ignored by monsters. Monsters will always attempt to reach the nearest standing warrior, during placement and gameplay.

Some Advanced monsters will have a "Melee" rule. For example, Vampires might engage in melee instead of stalking at the rear.

Warrior's Phase/Monster's Phase

Very important: These two phases are now ONE. The movement goes by order of initiative and the leader does not go first (this is to stop Dwarfs from moving before Keepers of Secrets :P)

The First Attack Rule is removed. No one, it would seem, was actually using it :P.

Exploration Phase

Anyone can explore if they have a light source.

The End

No changes.


Deathblow is under such debate that the debate has been halted before someone gets hurt :P. Okay, seriously, we're waiting until we test the monsters, we'll also test the Deathblow/Critical options.


Resurrection no longer exists, nor does Healing Hands. I've lost my spell cards, so I'm not sure if Healing Hands was actually one of them emoticon. Both (if necessary) will be replaced with other low-level Healing Spells.

Attack Spells must be cast during the Wizard's turn. Further debate may expand this (Boyinleaves is not very fond of Healing Spells doing so, so the issue is back, we'll see his Necromunda system soon, I hope).

The To-Hit Chart

The To-Hit Chart from the back cover of the Adventure Book is the correct To-Hit Chart. The Charts in the Rulebook and Adventure Book (the one on the last page) will be changed to reflect it.

Adventure Book

The Advanced Objective Room table from the Roleplay book will be duplicated to here, next to the basic one.

Several Advanced Quests will be included ([sign in to see URL]).

Rewrites for certain monsters (Skaven Engineer in Preserve the Fires) and "Boss Monsters" were discussed, but nothing final was settled on, save the Advanced

The Cards

More Healing items will be added to the Treasure Deck.

The Dungeon Deck and Event decks will be replaced with tables, to allow better use by people who don't have the original copy of the game or those that have lost their cards. This is following in the footsteps of Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and Blood Bowl. The Treasure Deck may do the same, into a larger Treasure Table.

Roleplay Book

Advanced Rules Portion

Linking Games

The "Blocked Routes" rule from the Warrior Development section, p39 of the book (??????) is moved to here.

The rules for the wizard gaining D6 plus his BL power in one turn will be put here, not... wherever they are.

Between Adventures - Travelling

The Travelling system, as the Warhammer World is a dangerous place, will remain intact, in fact with a new, more realistic map-based system and perhaps more tables. Not clear yet.


Settlement rules have been removed to simplify the extensive, time wasting settlement process. Instead, the warrior will be able to find a certain set or three of shops and be able to buy from them freely before leaving. The old and optional settlement rules will be in the appendix.

Purchasable Items

The rules for animals will have to be adapted to the new travel system.

The rules for armour are under debate, considering three different systems - the basic system, possibly modified; WHFB's system of an "armour save"; a Durability system akin to Diablo. All of these will be tested in the monster testing phase of development.

Tougher Monsters
The new system of EXP and Gold will be mentioned here. Essentially, a monster will be worth its old value of EXP (an intangible number). Also, a warrior may roll as many dice as they want for each type of monster they killed. If a 1 is rolled, the warrior gets nothing, but otherwise they multiply the roll by the Gold value of the monsters. A warrior may discard one 1 for each monster of that type he or she killed.


Warriors' Development
This, like warriors' creation, will be handled by a as-yet-unwritten system by The Custodian. The cost of training is the old value in EXP as well as 25% extra that must be paid in Gold.

The rest is, as of yet, untouched.

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