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WHQ 2.0 Mordheim style(the turn)

Second section:


The Turn


To keep track of who is doing what and when, each turn is split into six phases. This is called the turn sequence.
Turn Sequence
Unexpected Event Phase
During the unexpected event phase will decide if warriors stumble into anything outside the normal locations.
During the recovery phase you may attempt to recover models that are knocked down or stunned.
During the movement phase you may move the warriors according to the rules given in the Movement section.
In the shooting phase you may shoot with any appropriate weapons as described in the rules for shooting.
During the hand-to-hand combat phase all models in hand-to-hand combat may fight. Note that both warriors and dungeon monsters fight in the hand-to-hand phase.
During this phase you may explore beyond a closed door as described in the Exploration section.

Unexpected Event Phase

During the unexpected event phase the warriors will roll a D6. If a 1 is rolled the warriors will find themselves faced with either monsters unexpectedly showing up, or possible traps or treasure (See Unexpected Event table).

If any monsters are placed due to this unexpected event they strike last in the hand-to-hand combat phase, but able to shoot as normal. Note that if the warriors are currently fighting other creatures then ignore any unexpected events which spawn more creatures to fight.

Recovery Phase

During the recovery phase, warriors who have been stunned become knocked down instead and warriors who have been knocked down may stand up(see the Injuries section).

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