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Thread Expiry Dates and Freezings

The discussion of the 2nd Edition was intended to take place one or two threads at a time, but the arrival of new gamers with new opinions ressurrected many of them. In the interest of clearing up the mess, several discussions have been frozen, not to be participated in until their time comes again.

Frozen Threads:
Starting the Game - the thread has become a discussion of Treasure and will wait until we are supposed to be discussing treasure. It's an organizational issue.

Deathblow Conflict - Frozen until the Armour thread is completed.

Traveling and Settlements - Will be ressurrected at later dates to discuss Traveling (will happen simply "later") and specific items (after Treasure and Encumbrance are clarified).

Some threads are set to expire soon. Please finish discussion ASAP.

Applicable Threads:

The following Threads are active:

Active Threads:
Armour - Making rapid progress by leeching off our our Mordheim neighbours :P.

Linking Games - Discussion on how warriors "die" and suffer from it continues.

Combat Playtesting - Begins today.

Other more "Current" threads include Experience Points and Spellcasting. These threads are Resolved.

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Re: Thread Expiry Dates and Freezings

Nice on, BD. I was getting pretty confused!
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