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Where can i get the rules????

Hi there, im new to this thread as you can all probably tell, and im a huge gamesworkshop fan, but i never got into wq,well until recently, and as there is a very very low if not no sale of the games, do any of you know where i can get the rules and monster book etc from? either a download like pdf or buy them? anyone selling? let me know, thanks all!!!
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posticon Re: Where can i get the rules????

Welcome to the forum!

The game has been out of production for a while now.

You can usually get the complete original boxed set or just about any pieces or books on eBay (can be expensive, though the books by themselves aren't too bad, I think).

The RolePlay Book, the Rule Book, and the Adventure Book are the three that come with the game.

To get the books needed to get right into playing online via Webquest, you can get them at the Museum Website in pdf form in the Official section.

In the Museum, you can find all kinds of goodies, such as all sorts of custom created characters, quest ideas, and custom rules and tables.

The Museum (for Warhammer Quest, unofficial and no connection to GW) is here:

Just to help you out though, here are the links to the two most necessary pdfs to get started:

Rulebook (basic rules of gameplay) is found here:

RolePlay Book (advanced rules and full monster information) is found here:

If you want to play with us in Webquest, an online version of the game go here:

Use the info there to contact Bruno with your user ID and password, if you want to play -- if you haven't already done so.

Be forewarned, the GMs are notorious for differing from the original rules. hehe But, it is best to become well-acquainted with the original rules first. My opinion is always free. LOL

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