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Card-driven Combat variant

I have recently been playing with a variant I think of as 'Fatigue'. For attacks by Warriors on Monsters, I use a card system instead of rolling dice.

Each Warrior gets a deck of 12 cards: two each of numbers 1-6. These cards are used whenever that Warrior would roll to hit, or whenever she would roll to wound. They are not used for anything else: dice rolls are used as normal for all Monster attacks, for treasure items that require a dice roll, and everything else.

When a Warrior declares an attack, she draws from her deck up to a hand of exactly three cards. She then picks one card from her hand and uses it as her 'to hit' result. Assuming she chose to hit the monster, she picks one card from the remaining two and uses it as her 'damage' result. She adds her strength, and any extra dice rolls (such as the extra die for the Dwarf's default axe)are generated by dice rolls as usual. All expended cards are placed on a discard pile, and the Warrior must get to the bottom of their draw pile before re-shuffling the deck together.

This system has a number of effects that appeal to me.

Firstly, it reduces dice clumping: dry periods where you can't hit anything, or where a lucky player rolls lots of sixes in a row.

Secondly, it simulates endurance quite well. Warriors can conserve their energy, deliberately saving their high cards instead of wasting them on Snotlings. They can also store up energy to help out their buddies in a tight spot, or pull off impressive attacks on high-WS, high-Toughness Monsters.

Thirdly, it simulates fatigue. If a Warrior burns through their high cards in an orgy of slaughter, they will be left with low ones and twos. If a Minotaur appears before they can reshuffle, this exhausted Warrior will be in big trouble!

Fourthly, all this adds up to a more tactical game, less reliant on random dice rolls. You feel like you're making a few more decisions in the game.

I use UNO cards as they come in suits of red, blue, green and yellow: the colours of my Warriors. You could use a traditional deck of cards though: clubs for the Barbarian, hearts for the girly Elf, spades for the Dwarf (he likes to dig!)and diamonds for the Wizard (no explanation there. Silmarils?). I expect that Tarot cards would also work really well, or even a decent selection of Magic: The Gathering cards.

Let me know what you guys think of this system. In terms of game balance, I find that it makes almost no difference: my Warriors get trounced just as often as they always have! I was worried that it would make them a killing machine, but so far that hasn't happened. Feedback please!
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Re: Card-driven Combat variant

I wouldn't use your system, because I'm a big fan of Random with capitol R, but it is a creative one. The UNO cards are a nice touch, as it works well for a Gauntlet-themed group as well (I have a Gauntlet-themed super group in the MMO City of Heroes, hehe).

I think the mechanic is a good enough idea that you could easily use it as the basis for your own game with a different feel to it.

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