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posticon Questions about characters and attacks and + attacks??? HELP!!!

So i played WQ many years ago 10+, and my friends and I recently decided to start a new group of characters, we have a pit fighter charcter that just went up one level, and he got a secong attack to his profile, now here is my question?? his fist spike gives him an additional 2 attacks, does that mean he gets an additional 2 attacks for each attack on his profile? (total of 6 atatcks in this case) or it just means he can only make a total of 2 attacks +2 attacks for his fist spike giving him a total of 4 attacks?

Also is there any rule for having weapons in each hand?? is it possible for a warrior to carry 2 different weapons in each hand and use the different bonuses for each weapon, as long as he dedicates at least one attack to the use of that weapon??

Any rule on Barbarian using a shield on the same hand as he uses to carry the lantern, is even the lantern assume to be carry on the barbarian's hand?? If it is it will stop him from using two-handed weapons, and anything else on that particular hand??
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Re: Questions about characters and attacks and + attacks??? HELP!!!

Here are the answers as I understand and/or practice them.

Concerning The Pit Fighter, I assume that the +2 attacks is a total benefit that he gains for using his fist spike rather than some other weapon. Therefore, he has +2 attacks no matter what his attack characteristic. In the case that you give, my Pit Fighter would then have a total of 4 attacks while using his fist spike.

I apply the same to any weapon which grants extra attacks, such as the Blade of Leaping Copper (+1 attack total benefit no matter the warrior's attack characteristic).

More than one Weapon in one turn The Rule Book allows only one weapon to be used per turn. Quote (from page 12 I think): "A Warrior who has two or more weapons can choose which he wants to use each turn,
but he can only use one weapon during any one turn."

There may be some exceptions to this rule, such as the Trollslayer's Ambidextrous skill see Role Play Book (page 175, skill #8). Therefore, in your second question, the strict answer is that a warrior may NOT use one weapon in each hand unless he is ambidextrous or the weapon comes as a pair, in which case it will be so stated in its description (such as Darting Steel Blades on page 67 of the RolePlay Book -- also on one treasure card I think).

My Own Exception to this Rule As a GM, I have made one exception for Kurgan, a Chaos Warrior, who is limited only to using a certain Chaos Artefact weapon. I let him use another single-handed weapon in his off hand at a penalty of -1 to hit -- instead of his Chaos Artefact (Snarling Blade). But, I only did this because of the special type of game he is in and because he cannot (so-to-speak) remove the Snarling Blade from his primary weapon hand. The player has so far not used this exception.

As for using the different bonuses, it seems consistent with WHQ rules (in my mind) to only allow the benefits of the particular weapon being used for a particular attack. I wouldn't allow the combining of benefits unless there is some reason why the two weapons might be used at the same time -- but, this might require using two attacks as one (see first example below). Again, I can think of another exception based upon a weapon's or item's description (see second example below).

First Example (an exception likely only made in more serious roleplay or because a player specifically requests it)
Supposing two one-handed weapons are being used simultaneously to gain a combined benefit. Say an elf wants to use two special one-handed swords as a combined attack (exchanging two attacks for one in order to use their benefits in a combined fashion). I would likely impose a -1 to hit penalty. Then I would only allow whatever special benefits that are not duplicates. If one sword grants +1D6 damage against undead and another causes +2 wounds, then the combined benefit would be +1D6+2 damage caused. Though I have never done this or allowed it (it has never been requested of me either), this might be really useful against some very tough monsters.

If a warrior is ambidextrous, I might allow this without a to hit penalty. Another possibility is to require an intiative test perhaps at difficulty +2 (meaning requiring a 9 instead of a 7 to pass the test) instead of the to hit penalty. The initiative test would probably be more consistent with the roleplay aspect of Warhammer Quest. See the "What Is RolePlaying" section of the RolePlay Book (page 156 and beyond).

Second Example When a weapon or equipment description affects an attack. I am thinking of the Gauntlet of Damzhar (#66 of the Magic Items Treasures in the RPB). The description is a quote from the RPB and demonstrates what I mean by two items (or weapons) being described as working together to provide additional benefit.

Description: "A Gauntlet of Damzhar gives the wearer +1 Attack at -1 to hit and at +1 to Strength.

"If your Warrior wears two gauntlets of Damzhar, their combined power gives
an additional +1 Attack (making a total of +3: 1 for each Gauntlet plus +1 for
their combined attack) at +1 to hit and causing 4D6 damage."

The Lantern Question I think that the original rules never intended to prevent the use of a shield along with the lantern on the same arm/hand. And, it seems to me that so many of the treasures available to the Barbarian show that the game creator(s)was not too concerned about the lantern getting in the way. However, I believe it depends upon how literal one wants to interpret the lantern rules.

During gameplay, I generally allow the carrying of the lantern and a shield with no problems. Also, I allow the use of a bow or other two-handed weapon while carrying the lantern. I just assume that the leader momentarily puts the lantern down or has hooked it on his belt.

That being said, I think the rules could easily be interpreted to NOT allow any two-handed weapon or a shield to be used while carrying the lantern. Again, I think this depends on how you and your group would prefer to play the game.

Info on Kurgan the Chaos Warrior (created at BL 4 for a special game)

Kurgan, the Chaos Warrior

Annihilation Station Game (the game where Kurgan is doomed to die)
 Annihilation Station #1

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Re: Questions about characters and attacks and + attacks??? HELP!!!

Oldwarrior's answers are exactly correct. Note that the Wardancer is an official character pack that allows dual-wielding, but only with his specific swords.

The Lantern is physically an abstraction. Assume that the Barbarian places it at his feet during battle or any actions and then picks it up again to explore. Or have the leader character mount it on a pole on his back (I have a couple minis outfitted with lanterns in such a manner). Either way, encumbrance is not even mentioned in WHQ, which is a monty haul game.

If you wish to run a more "realistic" game, you can pay attention to such matters - but the Lantern is really just a mechanic to give control to a single party member who has the power to get other Warriors lost in the dark if they don't stick close!

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