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Warriors, Wizards and Treasures

Hello there
I visited from time to time your message board, because I found really good information in here and I hoped that someone might ask the questions which I would like to have answered. I found many things unclear and some not logical in WQ.
Maybe someone can help me.
The 3 questions which bother me most are:
1. can a big monster like a Troll fall in the Wizards "pit of despair" and if the room is full, can monsters avoid it,where could they jump to?
2. the armour and the weapons in the treasure cards, are they magical or are they just very good no-magical equippment?
3. due to good findings in the dungeon and favours from locations in town and temples it seems too easy to make a quest. Good armour make the warriors nearly invincible. The monsters of the same level are no challenge. I thought to take monsters from the next level but this cannot be intended from the game designers. What is going wrong here? Does everybody have this problem or do I play the game wrong?
Now, I have hundreds of questions, but I would be happy if anyone could answer me one or two or all of the ones above.
Have a good time

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Re: Warriors, Wizards and Treasures

1a. Monsters who escape the Pit of Despair by scrambling out of the way may be placed in the nearest empty space on an adjoining board section.

1b. Some game owners allow a large monster such as a minotaur or troll to escape the Pit of Despair automatically, and even throw a smaller adjacent monster into the pit instead. Perhaps a second dice roll would determine the troll's success in attempting this.

2. Unless specifically stated, I consider all treasure items to be magical, and all items bought in settlements to be non-magical. This seems to work well considering how seldom the issue comes up in low-level dungeons.

3. I run all my games at level 1 with no character advancement apart from gaining treasure cards: I don't even allow my Warriors to visit settlements! I grew up on Heroquest and like to have everything represented by a card! If things become too easy for the Warriors, try forbidding deathblows. I also use a series of critical hit tables which allow Monsters to cause extra damage if they roll a natural 6 to hit.

I guess you could try these 'fixes' even if you insist on allowing your Warriors to increase in level. Personally, I find the whole advancement procedure to be too unbalanced and requires... urgh... writing stuff down! Especially for the expansion characters. What are we doing here, roleplaying? Forget the pencils, pass the dice! emoticon
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Re: Warriors, Wizards and Treasures

I hope my comments here add a little to help you, Medh, though I don't think there is really any one right answer. It seems that many of these things are open to interpretation. And, adjusting the rules to suit your own gameplay preferences is certainly in order. emoticon

I actually think that buying new equipment AND leveling up are part of the fun of this game. emoticon

The question of balance: (Warhammer Quest philosophizing -- spelling might be off there emoticon ) I think that the monsters get many things in their favor as well. So, I am not too concerned about balance, because in real life not everything is fair. It is the way things are. Sometimes, we face "monsters" that are very insignificant and other times we face "monsters" that are seemingly way too difficult for us to handle. emoticon

But, yes, there does seem to be some balance issues in the game as written. This is part of the reason why so many have developed their own "house rules". I like the rule where you roll two dice instead of one for the Power Phase. One dice is for the current power and the other shows whether an Unexpected Event happens (usually only on a 1).

It is true that many lower level monsters can do little or no damage to heavily-armoured warriors, but as the warriors get into the higher levels, they face meaner monsters that have special abilities to get around this extra toughness.

Advanced Objective Room Monster Table & Tougher Monsters

If using this table found in the RPB under Warrior Development, the warrior could be facing monsters from up to two levels higher than the current Dungeon Level. emoticon

Also, I have noticed that many players forget about purchasing armour in favor of training to Battle Level 2. In which case, I might add, that they are many times asking for some serious trouble.

If the GM wants to do so, he can put in some higher level monsters from time to time to help liven up the game. emoticon

I have had times -- most inopportune times included -- in which my already monster-surrounded warriors got a 11 or a 66 on the monster tables twice on the same roll, which meant that I had to roll two levels above just on a normal Unexpected Monster Event. emoticon

Two examples (of the many) of the monsters' special rules that get around armour:

Take for instance a normal troll which has the vomit attack (destroys one piece of a warrior's armour -- I add that it must be a piece he is currently wearing for protection -- on a 1D6 roll of 5+) every single turn! This can be very devastating in the midst of combat and can cost the warrior a lot of gold too. I am assuming that players follow the rules for changing body armour: one turn of doing nothing else. So, by the time a warrior decided not to attack and to change his armour (presumably to something less expensive), a troll could have already vomitted on it! OR, one might even say that a warrior is not allowed to change armour while adjacent to a monster.

Another ability that is very dangerous is the skaven assassin's and the dark elf assassin's assassinate rule. They ignore armour all the time, they also ambush, and can even ignore toughness on a successful assassinate roll. Also, they come with poisonous blades (Weeping Blades) that can have permanent bad effects on a warrior (see the poison rule).

Then there is the "Minotaur Rule" -- I just made that up. Minotaurs are still dangerous even for fairly heavily-armoured BL-1 warriors. emoticon

I generally agree with Horth about the magical versus non-magical equipment/treasures. But, some items of treasure specifically state that they are magical. Yes, I think there is some haziness here in the creation of the game, because it is important to know at times whether your warrior is wielding a magical weapon or wearing a magical piece of armour.

A magical weapon, of course, can enable a warrior to more easily hit a monster that is daemonic for instance. So, I have generally -- though possibly in error -- treated only swords that actually say they are magical as having this specific ability. Otherwise, I think, why would they have a treasure weapon that is only a Magic Sword (number 24 in the Weapons and Armour treasure table)?

As for magical armour, I generally assume that the +n T is the non-magical part and whatever special effects are magical. This is the way I generally handle monsters with magical armour as well -- whatever the monster's stated additional toughness from armour (stated in the monster table) I treat as non-magical armour, and whatever the magic armour description adds to that (Toughness and/or effects) is the magical part.

There are some custom/houserules and etc on my website for WHQ: Old Warrior's Stronghold. You might want to check it out sometime if you haven't already.

Old Warrior

Check out Bible Notes
It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
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Re: Warriors, Wizards and Treasures

Hello Medh, while we love the game, the balance is not at all perfect.

The basic game and even the advanced game at Battle-level 1 is just too hard and too deadly, though I find that quite fun :bad:

From level 3 onwards, the game gets quite easy for the reasons you mention. Also, the Wizard gets like 50 abilities while the other basic classes get about 5 by the time they are level 10! Hardly balanced.

This is why each of us here plays our own way, and implements ideas that are fun for our groups. Here's an idea that hasn't been mentioned yet. Why not introduce enemy NPCs that act more intelligently than the other monsters? For example, you could make a boss Level 4 Barbarian in a chaos-themed adventure and play him strategically against a level 3 party; while he is getting healed by a level 3 Wizard. With fodder thrown in this might be a challenging Objective Room!
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