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The Citizen: A Character with Customizable Training in Warhammer Quest

The Citizen as created by Luminos is a highly customizable character for this game. However, I thought this warrior needed some modifications. Therefore, the Old Warrior has interfered once again.

This character, as modified can start out as some type of Level 1 spell castor or as some type of physical warrior. He gets some gold to purchase some things. He can train in several different directions throughout the course of his adventuring career.

The much-worked and much-thought-out modifications of this character have become the occasion for a new page on my website, old Warrior's Stronghold. This new page, Old Warrior's Feature Page (But, see this one since the page has changed focus: The Citizen, gives much more detail about the Citizen. But, just in case the reader would prefer to go directly to this warrior's rules as modified, I here give the link:

The Citizen (version 2.1)

I do not claim perfection for the Citizen, but I believe he could become rather popular with those that would like to customize their warriors along the way.

EDIT: added to subject line and added a direct link to the previous feature page (with comments on the Citizen).

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