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Re: How do the Gauntlets of Damzhar work?

Please forgive me if I'm not making much sense; with a new addition to the family, lack of sleep can do funny things to the mind!

For what its worth, from a rules perspective I think the wording of both gauntlets is close enough to things like the Boots of Battle that I'm happy that the bonus attacks are made with the weapon in question - the gauntlets; especially as specific To Hit and Damage modifiers are mentioned, and no specific mention of the ability to 'stack' the bonuses with other weapons for those attacks. They are presented as weapons in their own right.

From a background/fluff perspective, I've always imagined things like a gauntlet or cestus to be used for surprise attacks in combat, in the hands of a fighter willing to smash an armoured fist into their opponent's face or knee them in the unmentionables when locking swords to gain an advantage.

Like so many things in 'Quest, the wording leaves a lot to be desired...

My group have always played these as granting +3 Attacks at +1 To Hit and 4d6 damage irrespective of the weapons that the Warrior may be carrying in the hands wearing the gauntlet.
Having re-read the rules, I'm now leaning towards the first two bonus attacks working as for the single gauntlet and only the final attack being so awesome, but I guess this thread is proof that there is some wiggle-room in the wording emoticon

** Wistful flashback to hours spent in beer-and-geekery-fuelled similar arguments **

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Re: How do the Gauntlets of Damzhar work?

I find myself split between the parties and split as well between the two types of Gauntlets.

Background information:
I have been trained in the use of traditional (Pre-Modern) weaponry in my family growing up so I have actually used gauntlets.
They were silk inner-lined, leather as the next lining with chain mail on the outside.
I have seen ones with plate armour, but never have used them.

We were trained to never use them as a melee weapon unless you had broken/lost the actual weapon you were wielding and had nothing else to get at the enemy with.
I did develop, probably the upteenth person to do so, a way to back slap a person with them while still holding my primary weapon.
It could knock someone unconscious, but it took doing to not get them with my wielded weapon.

Additionally, it is nearly or quite impossible to use gauntlets as a weapon when using a weapon that is a double-handed one, (e.g. bastard sword, great sword, halberd, pike, great axe, and so forth) or when you are, what is called today, "dual-wielding" (e.g. rapier and main gauche, claymore and targe {yes it is a shield, but that shield has a dirk sticking out of it}, a pair of daggers/hand axes, etc.)

So with all that stated, let us proceed with the WHQ matter.

As far as the Gauntlets of Damzhar, I am on Little Monk's side.
They just seem to magically energize your arms into making more and stronger attacks while the magical energies going through your system also make you more inaccurate than normal.
The Damzhar rules seem to work with the wielded weapon, not on their own.

As far as the Gauntlets of Soul Rending, I am in Old Warrior's camp.
The rule that requires these gauntlets to be used before all other attacks!
This brings a Punch Attack to mind that happens before wielding whatever weapon.
These gauntlets appear to be working on their own, unlike the Damzhar ones.

I hope I have brought some clarity to the issue.

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