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My first two games with my new set.

so i managed to get myself an all new warhammer quest box on ebay, everything still unpunched/on sprue plus it included the 3 treasure card packs!! i couldn't stop smiling.

anyhow, i played a couple of games by myself using all four warriors and here's how they went.

game 1 (exorcism)
entrance room was a t-junction so right away i had to split the deck.
moved on to another t-junction split the deck again.
third room was the objective room rolled up 2 minotaurs for the monsters.

everyone died! the barbarian actually died twice as he was restored by the elfs potion. the elf was the last man alive and after running round the tomb for a couple of turns missing with his bow was caught and killed.

game 2 (clear waters i think the one with bugmans xxxxxx ale) dwarf carries the ale.

first few rooms were a couple corridors and an empty torture chamber where we found the portcullis key. then a t-junction so we head off down one way for two rooms to find a dead end and turn back. still no monsters. after going out the other t-junction exit we enter a corridor and roll my first unexpected event 5 orcs.
we manage to get 3 down to a single wound each but not kill any.
next turn another unexpected event a minotaur! the dwarf and wizard are killed but the barbarian manages to take the minotaur down to 4 wounds.
next turn the barbarian dies leaving the elf against 2 orcs and the minotaur. he shoots and kills the minotaur before being assaulted by the orcs.
next turn, another 1 on the power phase means 7 rats are on their way as the elf finishes off the orcs over the next couple of turns when another 1 means some giant bats show up, 9 of them the elf fights valiantly but is eventually killed. everyone dies again.

it was so much fun! i've really missed this game.
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Re: My first two games with my new set.

ever try it with just one hero? to scale difficulty you minus encounters by 3 to a minimum of 1. I die every time but it's tons of fun. Even made it to the objective room 2 out of 3 times.
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