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Hero Quest Revised

Considering all the good reception and such the WQ 2nd Edition got back in its day, before we fell apart over... over... um... what happened again? Sheesh. I blame myself. But that aside, everyone here who likes or liked Hero Quest should check out someone who's better at holding a project together than me:

Slev seems to have his game together, and has combined the North American and European rules of HQ into a common rule book, revised and playtested (with his gaming group, at least) and while he hasn't released the book itself, fresh cards are flying through the air like confetti. Also included in this forthcoming collection: ports of the regional Quest Packs as well as three new quest packs (the never completed Dwarf and Wizard packs, and a fresh one) to wrap up the storyline!

It seems to be the season for this sort of thing, because Phoenix, at his site, has a similar project, the Combined Rulebook, which also isn't finished, but isn't so elaborate if that's not what you're in to.

And finally, the big old board for HQ posts, Old Scratch's forums. I'm not involved in either project, but if you want to talk to the people who ARE, that's probably the place to do it.

And that's all the advertising I have to do for WQ's grandpappy for today. If you liked the game back in the day, check these out. If you never had a chance, you might want to come back in a month or two, because there will hopefully be some interesting stuff on the way!

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