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Dungeon Name Generator
A collection of tables to randomly generate the name of a dungeon.

Design to Dungeon Bash Game but it's perfect for WHQ

Enjoy it emoticon

Admin EDIT: I have uploaded this to my site since the above link seems not to be working: DungeonNames.pdf

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Re: Dungeon Name Generator

Here are the first twelve names I generated with this nifty document:

Evil Lair of the Wyrm
Mysterious Misty Mountains
Eternal Pit
Deadly Hole
Dire Dungeon
Crazy Vaults of No Escape
Whispering Tomb of the Wyrm
Deep, Brilliant Catacomb
Forgotten, True Tomb of Chaos
Rancid Caverns of Winter
Lawful Cave of Magic
Twisted Catacomb of Demons

Old Warrior

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It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
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