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New to WQ, Quesion about Equipment.

Me and some friends just started playing WQ, but I have a question about equipment that I hope some of you could answer.

A friend of mine is playing a Chaos Warrior, and he starts off with a weapon that does 1D6+Strength. He then found a Weapon that adds +1 to hit while he's using it.

Now, does he equip this weapon before a adventure, thus removing the starting weapon? Is it safe to assume that this new weapon deals the same 1D6+Strength Damage in addition to the +1 on hit rolls?

Also the chaos warrior can gain what seem to be weapons when he levels. One allows him to deal an extra D6 damage on any attack that hits. While another allows him to attack at a 4 square range. Do these ability's work with an equipped weapon? Or do they count as individual Items and thus can't be used with previously mentioned sword that grants +1 to hit?
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Re: New to WQ, Quesion about Equipment.

Hello, and welcome to the game and forum. I hope my response helps.

Many questions you have here. I will break them down and try to be simple and thorough in my answers.

Equipping Weapons in Warhammer Quest

This is a simple matter. Each warrior declares which weapon he will use at the beginning of each of his turns in the game. Body armour is more difficult (see the RolePlay Book for full details), but weapons are easily switched.

Using More than One Weapon at the Same Time

This is generally forbidden. However, some warriors might be able to gain an Ambidextrous skill (The Trollslayer comes to mind) which allows them to use two weapons in the same turn, but still only one weapon in each attack.

Also, some items or weapons may provide an exception to this rule, but their description will make it clear. If it isn't clearly stated in the description, then assume the general rule as stated above.

Some warriors have special weapons and abilities (different from the Ambidextrous skill) which allow them to use more than one weapon in a turn. For instance, the Pit Fighter, if he gains Knee Spikes (one allowed per knee), Toe Blades (only useable if he has the Kick Skill), may be able to make several attacks using his different weapons. If he has all the equipment and the Kick Skill, he could feasibly do three attacks with his Fist Spike (which grant +2 attacks), two attacks with his Knee Spikes (one with each knee), and one Kick Attack with his Toe Blades.

A Wardancer comes with the Twin Blades of Orion which grant him some extra options in battle. However, even though these are a set of two swords (on in each hand), he would still need to specify which sword he is using with each of his attacks, since they may have different abilities after they have been enhanced.

Reminder: I have just shown some exceptions which are meant to help you understand both what the general rule is and how to recognize exceptions to the general rule.

The Amount of Damage: If a weapon does NOT state its own Strength and/or the amount of damage dice to be rolled, then we must assume Normal Damage which usually is your warrior's Strength PLUS your Warrior's Damage Dice. Most Warriors have Str 3 and 1D6 for damage at Battle-Level 1.

So, in the example you give, the sword granting +1 to hit does Normal Damage.

Chaos Warrior Specific Answers

The Chaos Warrior is a special breed of warrior. His rules can be quite confusing, but if you take it slow and reread them (again and again if necessary) this will help to clarify things. One mistake often made in Warhammer Quest is the misapplication of rules because someone remembers them differently than actually stated in the books.

First of all, as I understand it, the Chaos Warrior would NOT use most if any of the special magical swords that may be found in the Warhammer Quest treasures (both in the Treasure Cards AND in the Dungeon Room and Objective Room Treasure tables in the RolePlay Book).

Here is the quote from the Cahos Warrior's Rules to support my claim:


Chaos Warriors may keep any type of treasure. However, they may only actually use potions and non-magical treasure, such as gold, firebombs, flashpowder etc. All they can do with the rest is collect it for its gold value, which is totalled up at the end of the game. Of course, the Chaos Warrior may decide to sell some of his treasure to the other players if he wants to...

Though the Chaos Warrior cannot use magic treasure, he can of course use chaos artefacts!

Therefore, the special magically-enhanced weapons, armour and other items (like rings, magical crowns and etc...) are NOT to be used by the Chaos Warrior, though he may certainly collect them and sell them.

Clarification on the Chaos Warrior Artefacts and Attributes

Pay really close attention and be sure to label the Artefacts and Attributes as such. The reason for this is at least two-fold:

1. Chaos Warrior-specific rules: Chaos Attributes have other issues attached to them; and the Artefacts can be combined sometimes in the Chaos Temple to make one item out of two of like kind.

2. Item versus Ability Disctinction: An Artefact weapon is a weapon (as disctinct from the Chaos Warrior's person). emoticon A Chaos Attribute is a non-item, or non-weapon and is a part of the Chaos Warrior's person. Hence certain abilities (Chaos Attributes) will be useable no matter what weapon the Chaos Warrior may be currently using in his turn. Chaos Artefact weapons on the other hand must be switched (if desired) at the beginning of his turn just like other weapons - unless their description makes it obvious otherwise.

A further distinction: Some Chaos Artefacts may be used in the same turn as a Chaos Artefact weapon is used. For instance, the Ring of Desolation is strictly speaking a ring and NOT a weapon, but it can sure come in handy for immobilizing dangerous enemies. But, the Chaos Warrior could NOT use both a Lashing Blade AND a Parrying Blade in the same turn.

Combining Artefacts See his rules for more details, but in the above example the Lashing Blade could be combined with a Parrying Blade (if conditions were right in the Chaos Temple and the Chaos gods blessed them) to make a Lashing-Parrying Blade. If this were to happen, then this would be but one weapon that the Chaos Warrior could choose to use in his turn in a combat, taking advantage both of the extra reach to lash out at a distant enemy, while still enjoying the protection of -1 attack from a single adjacent monster.

Another example: The Deathlust Blade (+1D6 damage) if combined with the Lashing Blade would then deal and extra 1D6 damage with the reach of 4 squares! I just thought I would mention this since you mentioned the + 1D6 weapon. emoticon

Here is a rule to help for whenever the general rules, Warrior's own rules and the description of an item, weapon, spell (or whatever) might differ. It is something I just made up based upon what I have read recently.

When there seems to be a difference between the general rules and a warrior's or item's specific rules: Follow a sensible balance of the Warrior's rules and the item's description first. Otherwise follow the general rules of the game. If there is doubt, follow the general rule until the doubts are resolved. Wherever the Warrior's Rules or the item's description do NOT clearly state something differently -- or are silent, then you should again fall back upon the general rules of the game.

(EDIT: I am quoting the Chaos Warrior answers given here in a new post to the Warriors forum.)

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Re: New to WQ, Quesion about Equipment.

I was the one running the game that paradox is questioning. I never really got a chance to read the chaos warriors rules and since it was my friends first time playing I kinda let him have fun with it. Next game will be for serious though. But thank you for the rules, very well detailed.
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