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An Advanced Turn Phases Guide?

Hmmm... I am thinking about producing a document which includes the original phases of the turn but adding in several things. I would only intend this as a guide. Also, I am fairly certain that others have produced similar things.

Obviously, in the table-top game, many things can happen sort of simultaneously. I just think that something like this can be useful to provide reminders and to prevent confusion about what should happen next.

What I have in mind would be based upon my understanding of the basic rules (Rule Book) AND the advanced rules (RPB), but including some interpretation where the rules might not be entirely clear. I know that such a guide would not necessarily work for everyone, but it might provide some help for newer players especially and might even help some of us old-timers when we could start to get bogged down at higher levels of gameplay.

Anyone feel free to make suggestions for what to include or to exclude. I promise to condsider your ideas. Also, it might be a good thing to see several versions of this idea to show the different ways people play the game. I would like to add some of these to my Old Warrior's Stronghold (custom WHQ stuff website). So, give us your guide(s) as well. emoticon

Edit (this paragraph added): I would like to see Thecustodian's and Bassjam's versions of Advanced Turn Phases Guides, if they have them or something like that. I am almost sure Bassjam does... or it sounds like it...

The following are many of the things I have in mind to add so far:

These first three (Power Phase, Event Phase, and Beginning of Turn Effects) I consider mostly to be simultaneous (occuring at the same time).

Power Phase (some of the things that are tied to it)

Event Phase (recommend a separate dice roll)
- Ogre event dice roll would go here too
- Ambushing monsters would attack here (and in Monster Phase) if placed during this phase

Beginning of Turn Effects (examples given below)
- Event-related effects
- Wardancer's Belt of Ariel
- Breathe Fire (dragon special rule)
- Light Power spell effects (Elf Ranger Mage)

Warrior Phase (sub-phases)
- Attack Aids (like Attack-related or Attack dependent spells {Ogre Strength and Life Force are examples}, Warrior Priest blessing, Potion of Strength, and etc...)
- Warrior's turns
- Defense Aids (prep for Monster Phase, like Potion of Toughness, Cast Iron Skin spell, and etc...) - might be best to think about these things more after seeing what monsters remain after the Warriors' attacks

Monster Phase(sub-phases)
- Magic spells
- Ballsitic Attacks
- Hand-to-hand Attacks

Ambush Phase (when newly-placed monsters successfully ambush)
- Ambush Prevention (some skills and/or magic items could stop an ambush. They should be attempted at this time if appropriate)
- Ambush Reation (Reaction Strike & Pit Fighter's reaction skill)
- Monsters' Attacks (in same order as Monster Phase above)

Reaction Phase
- Warriors' Reactions: Skills and non-healing Spells (Barbarian's Reaction Strike and Pit Fighter's special reaction skill)
- Healing: Healing Spells, potions, and healing aids (like Bandages, Provisions, Halfling's Lunch Box)

End of Turn Effects
- Break Tests (Ghouls and Hobgoblins for instance)
- Regeneration (like Skeleton's have and like the Rune of Restoration from the Dwarf Guildmasters, also Belt of Gagron)
- Permanent Effects (like poison and plague)
- Fatal Damage (Mummy Tomb Rot for instance)

EDIT: Added a comment about ambushing monsters in the Event Phase.

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