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Equipment cards.

hey folks.

Just a question on when you can use equipment cards,i.e potions,amulets,lantern,rope etc.

Am i correct in saying that these can be given/used by any warrior at any time ?


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Re: Equipment cards.

I would say that by the original rules you are free to use most equipment cards at any time. However, the card's description might specify otherwise.

The Warrior Priest's Ring of Jade, for instance, actually does the healing, no healing, or even damage to the intended targets at the end of the turn (or just before -- I cannot remember the exact wording at the moment).

Furthermore, if playing by the full advanced/roleplay rules, some actions with some equipment might be limited and/or might require some type of test to be successful under certain circumstances.

For example, I often try to use the Dwarf's Rope as some insurance against a Warrior falling to his death down the Fire Chasm -- like tying one end around the Dwarf's waste and the other around the waste of the Warrior who would be crossing the bridge. Normally this might not require a test -- depending upon your group or GM -- but, if your Warriors are surrounded and pinned by Skaven, then it becomes much more complicated...

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