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Looking for some feedback (Alternate Character Generation)

Hi fellow questers. I'm the author of an Alternate Character Generation:

I was wondering if anyone has used these and what you thought about them. e.g. this was overpowered, this wasn't balanced very well, etc. I haven't tested every single variation of them, and was wondering about other peoples experience with them.


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Re: Looking for some feedback

Hi Stu,

I never saw this doc before, but it is pretty cool. I also have players that want to customize their characters more in the vein of D&D or Diablo or even an MMO.

My current solution is to offer them characters such as the Citizen which can change careers, and I've also designed D&D-based characters such as the Thief 6.0 and Monk so they have more skills to keep busy.

Personally I enjoy the limitations of WHQ as they seem designed to make players cry and that amuses me. So, even when the players have choices (The Monk can choose skills much as a Wizard chooses spells but can fail to learn) I like to keep luck as a factor in leveling.

I don't worry TOO much about game balance in WHQ as the game gets quite crazy at later levels. If anything, the Wizard is far overpowered and melee classes begin to get bored. Any changes you make to that imbalance are good ones! So I would say that your charts look great, but I haven't tried them.

I have recently considered allowing players to bring in classes from ANY role-play system as long as the class fits the world. For example, I would not be down with a half-orc female in my games as orcs are male fungi.

The toughest part of that is deciding what part of their Armor Class translates into toughness and what part is Weapon Skill.
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