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Objective room monsters

I wonder how you handle the generation of Objective room monsters. I'm not quite satisfied with the options of the RPG book or expansions:
The RPG book suggests using the advanced table, which could be quite deadly. On this table a result of 6 would mean rolling twice on the current monster table, whereas a result of 1 would mean: Roll once on the Monster table that is 2 levels higher than the Warriors' Battle-level, once on the Monster table that is 1 level higher than the Warriors' Battle-level, and once on the Monster table that is the same level as the Warriors' Battle-level.

I mean this is a range from 'Certain Death' to 'Easy as pie'. I don't want to have either for the final battle.

Thus, my idea is that each objective room contains some kind of boss/leader monster with his retinue, i.e. a magic user or a boss (usually those monsters with magic items or bigger monsters with a higher gold value) and normal monsters to accompany it.
Regarding the boss there might be a D6 table for each dungeon level. And for the retinue there could be one roll on the current monster table with maximum monsters OR two rolls on the current monster table.
I could also imagine a D6-table with fixed race-specific objective room monsters. For level 1 it could look like that:
1=Necromancer with Skeletons (or other undead)
2=Minotaur with Beastmen
3=Orc Shaman/Boss with Black Orcs
4=Bull Centaur with Chaos Dwarves
5=Rat Ogre with Skaven Clanrats
6=Goblin Boss with Fanatics and Goblins

Any comments welcome!!

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Re: Objective room monsters

Interesting point. I don't mind the random as I've seen Warriors overcome the "certain death" rooms as well as dying in the "easy as pie" ones.

Story alert: one time the party faced only a room full of goblins in the Lair of the Orc Lord. Seemed easy until the goblin shaman successfully headbutted our Wizard, stunning him and causing him to almost fall into the pit between the stairs. He then spent the whole combat hanging by his hands failing Strength checks to climb out and unable to cast spells while the rest of the party got hacked to death around him :bad: /story

Now I just dole out Objective Room treasures based upon how difficult the room was. Part of the danger is how many squares there are (more potential Monsters) and how long it takes to clear the room. So, even if the "certain death" roll was made, I only award one treasure to the party if they clear the room before more Monsters show up randomly. But I keep track of how many wandering patrols add into the mix, and if 4 ones are rolled resulting in more Monsters I give out 5 OR treasures.

Final thought: Sometimes it is a relief at the end of a long adventure to find a fairly easy end to the quest and the party feels like they are proceeding triumphantly to the end of the story. Other times there is an epic Objective Room, and I advise everybody to take a break for snacks while I prepare the fight of their lives! I appreciate both extremes.

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Re: Objective room monsters

I whole-heartedly agree with the points made by BassJam!

I love the randomness and strangeness of all the possibilities.

However, I also like the idea of developing your own Objective Room Monster Tables -- especially as it relates to race-specific, or even adventure-specific custom tables. I sometimes do a bit of this myself for all sorts of things in Warhammer Quest, since I GM a lot of games and love to create things.

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