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Quest Report

So i currently have a party of 8 warriors 'The Regulars', split into 2 groups. They occasionly join up (mostly so i can swap items between them, its a real help to the second group who is without a proper spellcaster) but are currently split.

The second group just arrived in Lustria and they're level5/6, that is, two of them are level 5 and two are level 6 so i made up a level 5, 6 and 7 battlelevel tables to use in their next few quests.

Meantime my other group is planning a Lair of the Orc Warlord quest and they're level 6 so i have some orcy tables to make aswell.

Anyway, long story short i got bored working on that stuff so this weekend decided to take a break and play some level 1 quests. Thought i'd try out some warriors i've never played and others i havn't played in a while.

First Quest, 'the Seekers'
Decided on an Elf Ranger Mage, Wardancer, Bretonnian Knight and a Witchhunter. I'd never used the Ranger Mage before and may never again emoticon, boy did he suck at being the healer. We made a fair few rooms into the dungeon without seeing anyone then a flock (or whtever a group of bats is called) of bats turned up. We despatch them but not without realising the danger of having a Ranger as your only healer.
Next room a messenger turns up and tells us our quest has already been completed by other warriors... terrific, so this is a complete waste of time. Still maybe we can rack up some treasure.

Then the Naggoroth Black Guards appeared... i knew we were doomed, with their high WS and Arm we couldn't hurt them, my Witchhunter only had 7 starting wounds and was dropped 4 times in quick succession, saved 3 times by lucky rolls from the Ranger and the last time with his healing amulet. Then a 1 was rolled for the power and Skaven arrived. The Ranger was on 2 wounds and there was nothing left but to run for it.
The Ranger ran first with the Lantern but didn't even make it off the tile as he tripped over the first door. The Wardancer seeing all was lost left him too his fate and ran anyway, easily making it out. The Witchhunter only had 2 wounds and ran into trouble but i rolled low and he only lost 1 more wound, crawling out of the dungeon with a mad look of triumph in his eyes.

The Knight waited, seeing the Ranger wasn't actually dead yet, he took out some Skaven and a Black Guard (about bloody time!) but nothing could save the Ranger who was skewered where he lay. Then some zombies turned up... the Knight reluctantly made a tactical withdrawal.
The Settlement visit didn't go much better but a pedlar was met on the way there and a few items including a couple of Healing Potions were obtained.

Quest Two, 'Hellsprung Heroes'
So last effort didn't go so well, although 3 made it back to civilization to regroup. Decided on a different tactic this time. Always wanted to try out the Vampire by AndrewBrockhouse. Looked like a great character so designed a group around him. Of course it turned out he was quite a crap character at level 1 with no benefits and a hell of a downside but hindsight 20/20 and all that.

So the group led by the Vampire, with a Lahmian Vampire from the Child of Darkness pdf as his consort. Glad i choose to have her as i decided to use some of the rules from the pdf to fill in gaps in the Vampire's own rules. Added a Gypsy as the group healer she looked alright for healing purposes i thought... wrong again. The Gypsy was also the Lahmian Vampires swain (ooh kinky :lol). Then i added the Ulfweiner for some disposable muscle and had planned on adding a Hunchback just for the look of the thing but decided on one of my old favourites instead, the Skaven Packmaster.
So Vampire, Lahmian Vampire, Gypsy, Ulfweiner and Skaven Packmaster. I thought the 5th warrior would help without increasing the monster count by much.

Tile one, the Tjunction, dice one... a 1 for power fantastic... 7 beastmen, up that to 8 for the extra warrior. Add a couple more from failed Gypsy spells. The Gypsy managed some healing but can't save the Ulfweiner when he's taken down. At one point i have the Vampire feeding from the Lahmian at the same time the Lahmian is feeding from the Gypsy, but its not enough. The Vampire goes down again the Lahmain on 5 wounds risks trying to save him but he sucks her dry killing her and leaving him on 1 wound. Then the Gypsy burns herself to death with a fireball, its all over.

The Packmaster was doing his best but was stuck in an awkward corner and both his rats were wounded and currently hiding under his cloths. The remaining Packmaster and Vampire make a run for it, the Vampire escaped with ease, the Packmaster runs into trouble but is still in good shape, anything below a 10 on 2D6 and he'll make it out... 11... bugger!

Only the Vampire gets out alive (figuratively speaking). He tries to make it to a city but a blizzard forces him to stop at a village which was a bit pointless as the settlement had been destroyed by a Chaos Horde. Still... back on the road again he meets a Wardancer, Bretonnian Knight and a Witchhunter.

Quest Three, 'the Seekers'
So i have a Wardancer, Bretonnian Knight, a Witchhunter and a Vampire, who's regretting joining them especially when they get a Warrior Priest to be their healer. I was thinking the Vampire might have to forego being healed as Blessings would probably set him on fire and thus reveal his identity :lol, but then i remembered the Priest heals with his Jade Ring which doesn't seem as especially holy item, so game on!

The Vampire explains his last quest to the others and the group return to the dungeon to try to complete it on the second attempt. We get past the TJunction this time and open up a corridor, then some Savage Orcs appear with a Shaman at the dungeon entrance. We have to run back down the corridor to reach them as they start shooting. The Priest's ring is not proving helpful. Another 1 on the Power Dice and some Centaurs show up at the opposite end of the corridor, now i have to run back up there to fight them splitting the group. With the Priest helping against the centaurs the Vampire and Wardancer are both taken down by the Savage Orcs and the Wardancer can only save himself.

Another 1 and some Goblins arrived but didn't last long and with the Centaurs despatched the Priest and others race back down to the Tjunction to help against the Savage Orcs. Some Snotlings got in the way next... damn 1's!!! The Priest put himself in harms way since he was currently the healthiest and is holding his own but a couple of unlucky high damage hits prove juusssttt enough to bring him down and with no healing items left and the Ring of Jade not working on 0 wounds, it was all over once again.

The Knight was being held magically by the Shaman and couldn't get away, so was left to his doom as the Wardancer and Witchhunter made their escape. While the Wardancer squeezed out through some small hole he found its unclear how the Witchhunter managed it. He had marked the walls with Chalk on the way in but given there were orcs and snotlings in front of the dungeon entrance this didn't seem helpful emoticon. He had the Lantern so i guess if the Chalk was glow-in-the-dark he could have quickly dowsed the light then followed the marks out of the dungeon racing past the monsters before their eyes adjusted. However the miraculous Chalk worked he was out once more and again with just 1 wound to spare!

The Settlement visit proved equally eventful with the Witchhunter being converted by some cult and the Wardancer having to enter the city to try to find him and on a second and last possible attempt managed to bring him to his senses, which was just as well because the stress of the city had taken its toll and the Wardancer needed 500g for therapy to cure some nightmares he had started suffering from. The very next day he was forced the flee the settlement to avoid getting married.

It was up to the Witchhunter to try to find supplies. He tried the Healers Hut but they didn't have any Heal-Itt-Again potions in stock and he refused to buy Bandages there as they were too expensive. A trip to the Witchhunters guild only yielded a bag of Flashpowder for 200g, you robbing gits! A few days working at a bakery didn't yield much cash so the Witchhunter gave up and went to the General Store to try for some Bandages but they were only selling 6 packs and threw him out for timewasting as he didn't have enough cash. A trip to the Grocher failed to yield any Pears, so he had to settle for a couple of Jamjars.

So i'd used up the Healers Hut, General Store and Grocher... i was at a loss were else to go before finally remembering the Fast Food Vendors, adding 2 cheezbürgors and a hambürgor to the healing pool. Anymore healers like the last 3 and they and the jamjars will definitely be needed emoticon.

And so we end our tale with Witchhunter 'Jakob Eschbach' despite starting with only 7 wounds & Wardancer 'Orel Redthorn' both surviving to fail another day.

Out of 3 games i only managed to properly complete a single monster event... what a waste of a weekend emoticon.

EPILOGUE: With nothing on tv i managed one more try, adding a Bounty Hunter and Kislevite Shaman and Imperial Emissary to the lineup... everybody died... bugger. THE END.

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Re: Quest Report

Yeah, that sounds about right for Level 1 warriors. That's how we always play, weed through a few different warriors until you get one that survives, then that's your guy. Until he dies a most horrible Level 3 death at the hands of a Troll, or Flamers of Tzeentch...
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Re: Quest Report

Sound like some tough dungeons there bud.
  Me and my brother run 1 character each,it makes th dungeons play quite differently as you can't hide or protect a mage...
  I always get th itch to try new characters and it usually ends up like that!
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