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Re: Old Warrior's Advanced Warhammer Quest

Well, since I have not heard from anyone else concerning this topic in about one-half of a month -- as to whether it belongs in the Warhammer Quest forum or not -- I have moved it to the Warhammer Quest (2nd edition) forum. Think of this project as 'Old Warrior's 2nd edition of Warhammer Quest'.

I might add a link in the sidebar to my new forum where I hope to have specific discussions with play-testers concerning how well -- or not -- the particular rules/mechanics work.

It is not totally ready yet for active discussion, but I plan to have it ready by the time my first play-testing game is started (planning for BEFORE Christmas).

Old Warrior's Very Advanced House Rules for Warhammer Quest

EDIT: Well, getting started before Christmas proved impossible since my play testers were missing! emoticon

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