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Re: Question about the Halfling thief, Barbarian, Witch Hunter

Thanks Old Warrior, I would never had known if you didn't say.

We had an amazing session yesterday including a 4 hour dungeon which involved 3 objective rooms (1 found by event and another by the Dwarve's stonemaster skill). In the final objective room (level 3) we had 4 minotaurs, 6 ogres, 2 ratogres and 7 stormvermin. It was crazy and luckily halfway through an unexpected combat event led to a random Witch Hunter helping us out giving us the beef we needed.

Concerning the cards I don't have them all, I am missing the one of the packs dungeon cards and 2 of the packs objective room cards. One of the tables includes them all though so I may as well stick with that for now.
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