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Starting stories for a new Level 1 party

Just for fun, here are some introductions I have written for the characters in my group's new Warrior party. We have a Wizard, Barbarian, Warrior Priest, and Witch Hunter. None of the characters have been named yet, though we have already generated all their wounds totals and the like. The plan right now is to take them through the Doboshova's Inn adventure first thing and then immediately launch them into Death Below Karak Azgal after they (hopefully) rescue Reitze from the evil witch. To this end I have woven a story that explains how all these characters will come to work together and end up going on a quest for the Grunnson clan.

I'm particularly happy with the way that the Wizard's story explains why he is unattached to the Colleges of Magic, and his search for Laranscheld gives a good excuse for why the Witch Hunter would want to work with him rather than persecute him as a heretic, though I will certainly encourage some distrust at first (as a bonus, it also foreshadows the Dark Necropolis quest for Level 7). I've also created an expendable Dwarf NPC who will get killed in the first few encounters at the Inn, but not before begging the Barbarian to seek out the adventure described in Death Below Karak Azgal emoticon

Note that the players still have a great deal of control over their character's back story and personal traits. This is just a setting for our first night of gaming, in order to get everyone on the same page.

WIZARD: You are a novice wizard and accomplished scholar at the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf. Recently there was an attempted theft at the archives where you had worked at, and you have been sent to track down the perpetrators. The thieves seemed to have been looking for the Grimoire Necris, a closely-guarded and immensely powerful artifact of necromantic magic. Though they were unsuccessful, the entire affair has rattled nerves and brought intense scrutiny upon the Colleges, and the ancient tome has been placed under even heavier guard at the demand of the Grand Theogonist himself. Your chief suspect at this time is a rogue sorcerer by the name of Alberto Laranscheld, a dropout from the Colleges who is rumored to have come under the influence of the dark arts. You have tracked Laranscheld from Altdorf towards the World's Edge Mountains, though his trail has gone rather cold recently. Limiting your travel to the Old Silk Road so as to stay out of the Badlands, you come upon an old inn near the crossing at Blood River and decide that this would be the best place to rest a while before continuing your search for any sign of the necromancer in this area.

BARBARIAN: You were born in the harsh northlands of Norsca, but left home at an early age to seek your fortune on the high seas. Your latest job has seen you helping to crew a merchant vessel from Southern Tilea on its way up the Black Gulf towards the Dwarf stronghold of Barak-Varr, a world-renown sea fortress where the legendary docks are built within a massive cove hewn directly into the cliffside. Indeed you have become quite familiar with Dwarf culture over the past few months, admiring their distrust of magic and love of strong drink. Your best friend and fellow crewman is an older, battle-hardened Dwarf named Rorek Grunnson who convinces you to come ashore at Barak-Varr and spend some time with his people. While relaxing at this decadent port city where you have access to every tradeable good from all corners of the imaginable world, Rorek receives word that his cousin Ironbead Grunnson has become Lord of the Grunnson clan following the death of his father and grandfather. Rorek seems particularly troubled by certain details of what has transpired, but does not speak to you of it beyond proclaiming that it is his duty to reconnect with Ironbeard and see to the wellbeing of his people. Together you have set out towards the Dwarves' Southernmost hold of Karak Azul to meet with the Grunnson clan and find out what has happened. Along the way, you find yourselves stopping to rest and procure some decent ale at a particularly run-down inn along the Old Silk Road.

WITCH HUNTER: A templar of the Sigmarite order, you have traveled extensively across the Eastern Empire stamping out the taint of the Ruinous Powers wherever they may be found. Hardly a man to be trifled with, your station as a Witch Hunter gives you a dangerous reputation across the human settlements of the Old World. For some time now you have been journeying with a Warrior Priest who shares your quest to rid the world of the corrupting influences of dark magic. Currently you have been sent by your order to an insignificant province at the edge of the World's Edge Mountains, where there have been stories circulating of a malevolent presence and many unexplained disappearances by peasants transporting crops from one settlement to the next in this area. Only having just entered the region in question when night falls and menacing storm clouds begin to gather in the skies, you are only too happy to find a dilapidated inn on the way to your destination.

WARRIOR PRIEST: As a pilgrim of the cult of Sigmar you are sworn by faith to spread his word throughout the land and smite those who would threaten the Empire of Man. To this end you have taken up traveling with a Witch Hunter companion, finding that your demeanors and skills greatly compliment each other. Recently the High Priests at your temple have informed you of a number of unsolved disappearances among the residents of a few small human settlements scattered around the Southern crossing of the Blood River along the Old Silk Road. Suspecting that there may be some organized heresy at work, you have kept your eyes open for any signs of witchcraft. As night closes in towards the end of a weary journey, you see this roadside inn as an excellent place to rest up and perhaps gain information from the locals about what might be going on in the area.
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