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The Imperial Noble's Duellist Skill with Rapier

I am copying my comments from an unrelated topic (silly me for posting it there!)...

~ ~ ~ The Imperial Noble's Rapier and Duellist Skill ~ ~ ~
(as I understand them)

I think the Imperial Noble's rules are not very clear on the issue of treasure swords that he could obtain. Yet, I do believe that he can use them based upon this quote:


An Imperial Noble may only use items of treasure that the Barbarian can use.

Nowhere do I see his use of treasure swords as strictly prohibited. However, he could not use his Duelling skill with them.

Some might argue that the Sabre skill proves that he cannot use normal swords, but this skill (only while using the Sabre) makes him harder to hit (-1 to be hit) in addition to working as a normal sword (with his Strength and normal death-blow rule would apply).

Many see the Duellist skill as a negative because of the Strength of 1, but it potentially gives the Noble many more hits against the monsters if he continues to hit repeatedly. The Duellist skill is actually better than a normal death-blow as I see it, but it can only be used with his Rapier, which tends to counter-balances the multiple hits.

By the way, for those who go with the strictest death-blow interpretation (monster must be on full Wounds immediate before the blow that kills it), the Duellist skill allows the Noble to continue attacking regardless of the number of wounds inflicted upon the monster or upon the monster just killed.

EDIT (November 2011): I am currently playing in a game where I have an Imperial Noble who has the Death Lunge skill. This allows him to use his own Strength instead of the Rapier's Str 1. So, the Imperial Noble then becomes much better than the average Warrior in melee combat.

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Re: The Imperial Noble's Duellist Skill with Rapier

noble plus lucky talisman (all attacks automatically hit for one turn) = win!

although at higher levels he will encounter enemies he just cannot hurt with the rapier without rolling a 6 to hit (for the uneventful day rune and any rune of death to kick in).

which is when he grabs a hydra sword or whatever emoticon

most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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