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Captain Cutlass' Unique Warhammer Quest Monsters & Board Sections

I know I included his site in the sidebar links, but I wanted to note that he has some really nice unique monsters on his Warhammer Quest page. There are FIFTEEN of them with stats, special rules, and painted model images to illustrate what they could look like.

Also of note is the fact that Cutlass created some excellent new tile images for the game. I think they are the correct size for printing.

There are quite a few of them:

23 Rooms (only one smaller than the standard 4x4)
6 Large Rooms (mostly Objective Room size or similar)
11 Corridors
11 T-sections

He also made a Dark Elf-themed (I think) Turning Corridor -- which I don't see there, but can be found on my site. I modified many of his works to create Turning Corridors in the Custom Board Sections page of my site (OW's Stronghold).

Captain Cutlass' Warhammer Quest Page

OW Stronghold: Turning Corridors Page

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