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Elite Monsters

Currently, I am the GM of a WHQ game where the game play is a little more fluid -- sort of like Diablo but with WHQ rules. I plan to make a table for this game to determine random variations of elite monsters.

For example, an Unexpected Event brings monsters and they are randomly-determined to be an elite group... This table I plan to make will give a random method for what is different about the monsters to show that they are elite (not just a different name). Also, I plan to have some means of assigning an extra percentage of gold value for them as well.

I plan to also have a chance that guards of magic casters will be elite.

I think a certain percent increase of Wounds will be standard and then the table(s) would give other differences (like +1T, +1D6 more Wounds, other Characteristic benefits, chance of special rules, and etc...).

As a simple example, in a level-one dungeon, an elite Orc might have 1 or 2 more Wounds, and +1 Attack and be worth 30 or 40 more gold than usual.

Another example, an elite Chaos Dwarf at level 5 might have +1 Weapon Skill, +4 Wounds, +1 Armour, and a Magic Weapon and be worth twice as much gold as normal.

The details are very much undecided at the moment, but I wanted to share the concept. Once I get the table(s) done, I plan to share it here.

I am sure others have done similar to this... I like the idea because I think it can add more variety to the game. I really got the idea from both the Diablo game and I think the Chronicles version of the basic Zombie. The Zombie has all sorts of different things that can apply to it (often penalties to the Zombie), plus it has different types of Attacks as well.

No, this has nothing to do with my very Advanced WHQ rules. emoticon I think elite monster groups can be used to spruce up any standard WHQ game -- BUT, I do NOT necessarily recommend using elite monsters for a Warrior party's very first adventure.

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Old Warrior

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Re: Elite Monsters

I've been working on something similar to this drawing on diablo, diablo 2 and diablo 3 for inspiration.

i'm just now working out elite characters so that if an elite character pops up and says hi they'll have a skill or two specific to their own race.

this has led to me considering re-writing the monster tables...which would be an immense project...

currently I've been working on "11 is next level up monster (as normal) but 66 is an elite roll on the same level table"
however I've been looking at the monsters being more powerful than you seem to be...

beware the elite bloodthirster with his "horde" ability which means he is accompanied by normal monsters of the same type...yes you read right: possibility of meeting a number of bloodthirsters.

most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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