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Event generator - no more rolling

Hi all. I recently made a warhammer quest set for myself, and after a few games we have come across some problems.

The game is great, but relies on a lot of rolling for random events and treasures - I'm using the lists from Here rather than cards since I don't have any. The tables also have a bunch of extra bits.

However, the down side is that there is a lot of 'roll, roll, flip pages, roll, flip pages' which slows things down.

So I made a treasure table generator in Excel.

The file is macro enabled, but the only macro is to hit the 'GIVE ME TREASURE!' button to press Shift+Control+F9 at the same time to refresh the page. You can of course get by without that convenience.

You can get it here:

I also made a blank version with instructions if anyone wants to make their own tables. It should be as simple as writing/pasting the text into the sheet.

I thought it could be used for custom settlement events, dungeon events and so on.

By picking your start and end values you can use one massive list and choose sections of it to roll on. So swapping from a custom level 1 monster chart with 50 entries to a custom level 2 chart would be as easy as using '1' and '50' or '51 and '100'.

If you wanted to have random numbers of monsters spawn, or gold etc. You can use the excel forumula "=RANDBETWEEN(x,y)" in your table list. This will then appear as a number on the front page when you press 'Roll' and be updated each time.

Hopefully it should be easy enough to figure out and might help someone.
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