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Bugs and Suspected Bugs

I am sure others will discover more.

Also, I am aware of a crash of the game upon loading a new room of with monsters, but I have NOT experienced that one in many hours now. emoticon

1. Unrecognized Equipped Items -- Sometimes, when you equip an item on a Warrior -- like a ring that adds to Strength, I have noticed that the bonus is NOT applied to the Warrior. So, I then move the item into the general inventory and then back into the equipment slot again. That usually causes the game to recognize the effect.

I noticed that this seems to happen most often when I switch items by dragging and dropping from inventory to a slot that already has an item in it.

All in all, I recommend that equipping new items be done without swapping -- empty the equipment slot first. Then make sure the item is recognized -- if that is possible. A ring of regeneration for instance can only be tested at the changing of a turn and not while equipping the item.

2. The Trollslayer's Berserk skill -- Even though I disagree with the fact they totally changed the effect from the original skill -- which was almost exactly like the Barbarian's/Marauder's Berserk skill, I thought that it would be interesting to see how it played out... Yet, every time I have tried it and it did not "fail", I saw no effect on the Trollslayer's Strength characteristic and no effect notification on the character in the game. So, I assume that there is a bug. Presumably, they will squash the bug in an update. emoticon

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