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my barbarian change

this is my change to the barbarian as it appear in the rule book. mostly I wanted to change it from being basically rubbish compared to other warriors without changing it too much.
he still suffers from having a poor WS for a purely hand to hand warrior, originally I made the level 9-10 rage ability +1 to hit but I thought this was a little too good so changed it.


The barbarians of the far north are stout and brave warriors who fight valiantly against the forces of chaos and create a buffer between the chaos wastes and the Empire. However nobody goes unchanged when that close to chaos and the barbarians are no exception. They develop combat rages, going berserk with fury that increases their combat prowess or their physical toughness, although sometimes they struggle with controlling this exact rage.

The barbarian will remain exactly as described in the warhammer quest game, a few changes are listed below to the character but these mostly revolve around the berserk skill and some skill changes.


Barbarians can try to go berserk at the start of their turn, it is not mandatory but they must decide before doing anything else like avoid pinning or moving. If they fail they cause 1 wound per level with no modifiers on all adjacent warriors but otherwise still get their turn as normal.
The barbarian can choose to take this damage on themselves instead if they wish, work out how many warriors would be damaged and take off that many wounds. They cannot split this in any way to avoid harming some warriors but leaving others: they either harm other warriors or only themselves. The barbarian does not gain bonuses to this roll as he advances, it is always d6 + monsters already slain needing a 7+ to go berserk.

Benefits of Berserk

the following bonuses are gained when the barbarian goes into his berserk rage:
rank level(s) benefit
1 1 +1 attack
2 2-4 +1 strength and toughness
3 5-8 +1 wound per level
4 9-10 +1 attack, strength and toughness for the rest of the combat

these are all cumulative (so at level 10 you will have +2 attacks, +2 strength, +2 toughness and +10 wounds)

As soon as the last monster falls dead the barbarian loses all of the benefits of his berserk rage, including the additional wounds. This may leave him on the floor and requiring healing!


The following replace the barbarian skills in the adventure book, many are just clarifications of existing skills. Roll 2d6 and consult the table below:

2) hunter's eye: when using a missile weapon you may make as many attacks as your Attacks characteristic instead of just one shot. You may not use this skill while berserk.

3) Battle blades: roll 1d6 whenever new monsters appear due to a roll on the monster table: on a 4 or more you get double the normal number of attacks this turn (before any benefits of berserk etc).

4) Battle Rage: this skill can only be used once per dungeon and you have to be berserk already. You gain you choice of: +1 attack per level, +2 strength per level or +1 to hit per level.

5) Run: each turn you may roll to use this skill once. On a 5+ you double your move and ignore pinning rules.

6) Berserk resilience: you take less damage while berserk equal to your rank.

7) shield wall: you catch a blow on your shield taking no damage from the blow. If you are berserk you can use this skill without a shield. You can use this skill once per adventure per rank.

8) Berserk instinct: while berserk you gain +1 to your pinning roll.

9) sixth sense: whenever ambushing monsters are placed you can roll d6 on 5+ you get a turn of combat before they get their ambush attacks.

10) reaction strike: this skill allows the barbarian to make an attack on a single monster as soon as it is placed on the board. You ignore fear and terror rolls for this attack and it cannot cause a deathblow.

11) Berserk Grapple: you can use this skill only while berserk. You grab your enemy and crush them with your bare hands! Roll to hit as normal, this attack ignores armour and cannot be dodged. You do d6 damage per level with no bonuses on a hit. You make your full number of attacks but can only attack one enemy this turn and get no deathblows.

12) Brute strength: whenever you are berserk you can choose to lose attacks to increase the damage on the remaining attacks. Choose how many attacks to lose, each one lost adds +d6 damage to the remaining attacks.

While in settlements barbarians have the normal places they can visit:
alchemist, alehouses, gambling house, temple, armourer, fletcher, weapon smith, animal trader, general store, gunsmith, adventurers guild, enchanter, weapon forger and fighting school.

A barbarian is actually an oddly stealthy and charismatic character who is either adept at avoiding notice, or just able to swagger his way through confrontations without too much effort. When you are in a settlement with a different warrior you can attempt to enter any special location that the other warrior enters, you must declare this before they roll to see if they find it, if not you wander the settlement with them for the day.

When they enter the special location you get to roll to see if you are allowed in too, rather than it being a 7 or more it becomes a 9 or more in a town and 12 or more in a city. Failure means they ignore your huge bulk and charisma, you are forced to wait outside and do nothing this day.
Success means you gain entry and get to do whatever the other warrior does there, including buying supplies, maybe even gaining some training!
Being able to buy something does not mean you can necessarily use the purchase however, elf bow or arrows still only work for an elf, only a dwarf can eat stone bread etc.
However barbarians are open to new customs and as such can pray at other sects altars without too much fear of reprisal from the gods in question. Gaining a chaos attribute is not a good idea, the barbarian becomes lured to the evil side and will have all the negative sides of any attribute plus will have to roll 1d6 for every attribute when he attempts to level up, if any come up a 1 he leaves to join the chaos forces permanently.
Once he has a chaos attribute he can use chaos artefacts however. He can bond chaos artefacts in the normal way but they cannot be bonded with normal magic items in any way ever.
He still has to pay for anything he does in any special location.

if anyone has any questions or feedback feel free emoticon

most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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