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Best skeleton or zombie rules

I was just wondering if anyone has played with some custom skeleton or zombie rules that they thought went the best for the game.
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Re: Best skeleton or zombie rules

I find some of the custom rules for Zombies (especially) on the Chronicles' site make the game a bit more interesting. I don't know that they are the best, but I have little else to compare them to at the moment. Hopefully, others will respond with others. emoticon

Chronicles of the Old World and Beyond

Well, I am having trouble finding those rules on that site now, but my source tells me that the following rules come from there.

These Zombies have the same stats as the original rules, but have two Special Rules added, some which can modify the stats. Zombie Appearance should be rolled as soon as the group of Zombies appears, while Zombie Attack (2D6) is rolled each turn for each Zombie BEFORE rolling to hit in order to determine what type of attack the Zombie will perform.

Special Rules:
Fear 3 (same as orginal). Zombie Appearence. Zombies Attack.


Zombie Appearance

When a new Zombie is placed on the board roll 1D6 on the following table. You may choose to do this for each Zombie separately or for the entire group.

1 The Zombie is especially fat and bloated with maggots spilling from a split in his belly. He has +2 Starting Wounds and +1 Strength.
2 Not freshly dead, this Zombie reeks of a strong decay and a pungent stench fills the air around him. Any Warrior adjacent to the Zombie must roll 1D6 at the start of each turn. On a 1-2 they suffer -1 To Hit from nausea for the remainder for the turn.
3 Rusted plates hang from this Zombies body, obviously the walking corpse of a knight long since vanquished. His deteriorated plate armour gives him +1 Armour.
4 The Zombie is treated as normal.
5 The Zombie is scrawnier than most, his sunken flesh clinging tightly to his bones, soft and grey. He starts with -2 Starting Wounds.
6 The Zombie has lost an arm; a stump twitches at his side. He is at -1 Weapon Skill.

To keep track of these alterations you can place a small dice next to each Zombie to represent the type they are.
Zombies Attack

2 Maul
 The Zombie lurches at the Warrior and bites at his neck for 1D3+Strength Wounds. Then both the Zombie and the Warrior roll 1D6 each and add their Strength. If the Zombie's score is equal to or greater than the Warrior's roll it pushes him to the ground where it continues to maul at the Warrior's face and neck causing a further 1D3+Strength Wounds. It will do this each turn until the Warrior can make a higher Strength roll than the Zombie as stated above. This can be attempted at the start of the Warriors turn. While being mauled the Warrior cannot perform any actions or be attacked by any other Monster.

3 Moan
 As well as finishing a normal attack the Zombie lets out a low moan. Bugs and worms fall from its mouth as it calls out. The call has brought forth another Zombie from a shallow grave nearby. It gets placed adjacent to a random Warrior in the same board section, where it pulls itself out of the ground and attacks this round. If the floor cannot be used in this manner it shambles in from a side door from the shadows.

4 Rancid Bite
 The Zombie latches onto the Warrior's arm with its sickly yellow and jiggered teeth. The bite inflicts 1D6+1 Wounds. If the bite wounds the Warrior roll 1D6. On a 1-3 the Warrior has caught a disease carried by the Zombie. For the remainder of the combat he is at -1 To Hit. This effect is cumulative as the disease can grow severity.

5 Pustulant Puke
 Bringing fourth a greenly while flow of rotting bile, the Zombie vomits over the Warrior causing 1D3+1 unmodified Wounds, and an unpleasant stench.

6 Rotting Breath
 Opening it's jaw until it almost falls off the Zombie breathes forth a cloud of vapour from deep in it's rotted out gut. The Warrior immediately takes 2 unmodified Wounds and must roll 1D6. On a 1-3 he is also affected by nausea and is at -1 To Hit next turn until he can clear his head.

7-8 Zombie Attack (the normal attack as in the original rules)
 The Zombie swings it's weapon at the Warrior hitting him for 1D6+Strength damage.

9 Strangle
 The Zombie's gnarled hands come forward grasping the Warrior neck. Roll 1D6 and add the Warriors Toughness. Now roll 1D6 and add the Zombie's Strength. If the Warrior's total was higher then he throws off the foul Zombie. If the Zombie's total was equal or higher then it has choked the Warrior for 1D3+1 unmodified damage before it is thrown off.

10 Continuous Blow
 The Zombie swings it's weapon at the Warrior hitting him for 1D6+Strength damage. If his attack kills the Warrior it swings onto another adjacent Warrior in a manner similar to a death blow. If that Warrior dies it can keep going, and so on.

11 Loose Chunks
 As the Zombie swings at the Warrior some loose chunks of flesh fall from it's body, weakening it's attack. Calculate damage as normal only with a minus 2 modifier.

12 Leprous Limb
When the Zombie goes to swing at the Warrior it's arm tears from it's socket and is flung across the floor. The Zombie looks at this for a moment and then continues attacking. He is at -1 Weapon Skill for this combat. If the Zombie has no arms left he is at 1 Weapon Skill. Also when attacking, the Zombie can only succeed with To Hit rolls of 4-6. Any other roll is wasted as the Zombie realises it has no arms when it goes to attack.

Normal Skeletons: They give them a chance of being armed with Spears -- in addition to the usual Swords or Bows. Since the Spears give Skeletons the Fight in Ranks ability, I find this helps make combat a little more interesting.

There may be other custom rules on that site for undead, but these are the ones that I mostly remember as being quite different.

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Re: Best skeleton or zombie rules

I've seen these rules before from scanning the net.
My friend gave me this game along time ago but I gave to my cousin and actually never did play it but have played GW games for about 8 yrs now and have found myself wanting to collect older games to play with the local game club. When I get my copy in the mail next week I'll be sure to play with these zombies for look forward to many more questions

Next game Space Crusade
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