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I did a search here (in this message board) and no topic has the word Henchmen in its subject line.

So, I did a Google search for Henchmen for Warhammer Quest. Go ahead and click on it. You should get the same results that I got.

I find it interesting that Jordan "Greywolf" P e a c o c k created at least two different Henchmen documents. I really like the one hosted at Kestrel Arts . com (Henchmen Word document).

Just a couple things I would recommend, assuming the reader has read or will read the document I mention above: be sure to add more monsters AND increase the size of rooms and corridors if needed to allow enough space to place and combat the additional monsters! At first thought, I would probably add 10% more monsters for each Henchman in the party and maybe 2 to 4 more squares of combat space per henchman. I have not really tested this yet, so don't quote me much. emoticon

Oh, and I would NOT allow henchmen to do death-blows. They are not meant to be heroes like the Warrior characters in the game. It is just my opinion though -- as most things I say. I won't be there to stop you. lol.

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