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Yet another WQ mod

So I have the idea to convert Pathfinder classes and races into WQ. These would be simple class and race skill progressions that would be translated into WQ. I'll share if I produce something I think other people will enjoy to use as usual.

I like the idea of having the choice of race and class and maybe even selecting traits but I want to keep it simple and not a major conversion. Basically getting the flavor of the Pathfinder RPG character building but in the basic rules of WQ.

Also I'm planning on borrowing little things like Damage Reduction to add to my custom monsters. For example Skeletons would have DR/Blunt which would mean they take half damage (I would rule the damage is halved after armor and toughness reductions) from any weapons other than magical and blunt weapons (hammers, mace, etc). I like this as a simple "flavor" enhancer.

Anyways, just throwing ideas out as usual. Let me know what you think.
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Re: Yet another WQ mod

I am not familiar with Pathfinder, but I am a huge proponent of custom rules and custom characters. So, I will be interested to see what you come up with.

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