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Frequent Reading of the Rules...?

Now, I am not one to recommend reading the Rule Book and the RolePlay Book in their entirety every week, or month even, but I wonder if it might be good to read them a bit more often than some of us do...

It seems to me that people remember the rules of the game incorrectly quite often, whether from not playing very often, or from playing with varying house rules fairly often.

I would highly recommend a fresh reading of both books, especially in the case that someone has not done so in a long time.

Even the Adventure Book has some rules in it too -- for example, the table for crossing the Fire Chasm bridge, and the fact that Minotaurs might be able to jump over the chasm! emoticon

Old Warrior

Check out Bible Notes
It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
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Re: Frequent Reading of the Rules...?

I do it every six months or so.

For a while there in the late '90s, I was doing it every quarter.
Did it that much because I was inducting lots of gamers to the game.
I never wanted someone to come back and tell me I taught them something that was not in the rules.

There are lots of different versions of the Bible because folks too often never went back and checked their accuracy or thought that, of course, the way I remember it is the right way.
Never a good way to go with game rules or holy writ.

In service of Deity, the Latter-day Prophet, the de la Valette and mankind.
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