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Re: surviving the first dungeon


Littlemonk wrote:


Warrior Monk wrote:

Forgot the Fear factor issue:

I guess I never saw the disconnect between the Event deck and the book because I always saw the process that was intended in the game by Andy et al.
I also never pointed out to anyone that all of a sudden you now have a chance of fearing a minotaur.

The one time I had it pointed out to me by a player, I just informed them that we had not been using the Psychology rules in the introductory adventures while they were learning the basic rules.

Seemed to be enough of an explanation to the gamers I was working with; all of us were used to the idea of learning basic rules and then adding in advanced rules as you learn.

Just me I guess, yes?

White Dwarf Issue #193 (page 20) by Gav Thorpe, under the Rat Ogre title heading:

...since Battle-level 1 Warriors are so full of fiery youthfulness, they aren't scared of anything (it's only as you gain experience that you truly learn what terror is!).

Forgot that Gav had placed that comment in WD193.
Plus, my explanation, so posted, took care of the "burning" question for my gamers.
Got it covered both ways. emoticon

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