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Warriors Surviving Dungeons

I wanted to respond to something Warrior Monk wrote under the Firebombs topic, but thought it would be better as a new topic. So, here it is. I think I will also create a poll showing the percentage of Warriors who die in their first Adventure.


Warrior Monk wrote:

I have never understood people who claim that WHQ is unfair.
Granted, in all of the years, my groups have only lost one character ever.
When things start to get out of hand, we simply withdraw to the entrance.
There have been some seriously beaten up folks that have emerged from the entrance of many adventures, but far more often, they come out the exit happy to be alive and successful in their mission.

I agree - one should use every advantage one can find while on adventure.
I know my gaming group in Maryland were almost all DOD employees of some variety.
We often applied real-world tactical solutions to the problems we faced on adventure.
My current group has me, a member of the regional FBI SRT, a naval retiree from the silent service, two retired air force pilots, a retired Coastie, a former DEA agent, three police officers, a security contractor when he is not overseas, and several serious members of the local national guard unit.
Granted, there are seven more members with no service experience as well, but they pick up on stuff from the rest of us.

Moreover, we are even more strange; our games are documented and we go over a form of after action report with the group after one.
That way every one can learn from both the successes and the failures in each game.
The real plus for some folks is that they can go back over the adventures they missed due to whatever in life.

So personally, I do not find the game unfair so much as just simply challenging.
What you, yourself, bring to game in real world knowledge can really affect how well it plays.

Warrior Monk, I have noticed before your mentioning that you have lost almost no Warriors ever in the dungeons. I am starting to understand this a little better now that I see the types of people playing, as you outlined above.

The people with whom I play the game must be bent on almost NEVER retreating in any fashion. They usually fight to the bitter end, or the Warriors all get webbed or ambushed while in an already-weakened condition and the end often comes fairly quickly at that point.

Lately though, I find that almost all of the Warriors survive in the games I GM, though previously, probably at least 33-40% of them died within the first three Adventures -- most often during the very first Adventure. I attribute the greater survivability of late mostly to the fact that I use a custom monster table for the first Adventure of new Warriors -- I started using this a few years ago. This table I created to simulate the difficulty of the original Event Deck monster events while incorporating the full range of monsters available in the level one monster table of the RolePlay Book.

Couple with that the fact that I as a GM have some custom/house rules that make the game a little easier to survive than a strict reading of the official rules. For example, I let the Warriors succeed on Fear and Terror tests if their test result is greater than or equal to a monster's Fear or Terror value repsectively. Another example is that I allow most spell casting, prayers and the like while Warriors are webbed, even though the Web 1Dn rule states that a Warrior can do nothing until they break free of the web (see quote below). I DO prohibit any spell, blessing or prayer if it specifically states that it requires moving more than the caster's lips to cast, pray, bless, or whatever -- BUT, there do not seem to be very many like this.

Here is the (partial) Web 1Dn quote:


If the Monster hits your Warrior he has been caught in its web - place a Webbed counter next to the Warrior. While webbed a Warrior may not do anything.

Old Warrior

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It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
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Re: Warriors Surviving Dungeons

Yes indeed, group composition is a real factor when it comes to a game group.
In going on to close to 50 years of gaming, I KNOW what sort of persons I want as the core of a gaming group because I know how things will go if I do not.

Old Warrrior, it may not be obvious, but sometimes the fighting withdrawal out of an adventure may be just as hard, if not harder, than going forward sometimes.
Resource management becomes critical and the factor of who is "healthier", even if it is only by 1 wound, can be a challenging matter of survival.

Our group here, as I have posted probably more times than most folks want to read, still uses the main/canon WHQ rules (GW/Black Library published) with a very few, like less than a double handful, explanatory decisions made because the answer is just not there from the Andy or anyone else from the Studio.

Now, that does not mean the referee, if it is a refereed adventure, cannot step in with an out-of-the-black Luck point, what-is-that-you-tripped-over Treasure card or some other such random factor that helps out that very tiny bit.
Some of the other players in the group do not like to play when I am playing; I outright tell the referee to keep such shenanigans to an absolute minimum or at none at all.

And when I referee, any shenanigans I do is in service of the story of the adventure, not to preserve life just to preserve life.
I make the adventure groups work for their survival, but I do reward earnest effort even if it is not succeeding.
I always try to make it to where the players feel they have accomplished something rather than they just played a game for an hour or three.

As far as House Rules and other non-canon expansions, our group has found them to be too much of an opportunity to have serious confrontations between what could be labelled as the "Old Guard" of a club and any "Newbies" joining.
After one confrontation here turned into an out right physical fight, it was decided on, that for all games, we play as close to the canon rules as reasonably possible.
If a game requires a lot of interpretation and cogitation, dump it all together from group play.

I can say, after we established that ground rule, almost everything has always been smooth sailing.
The exception is when a newby REALLY wants to play a game in group that we have put on the Forbidden List; only once has that resulted in said newby disappearing.

In service of Deity, the Latter-day Prophet, the de la Valette and mankind.
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